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Welcome to the A2Z Homeschool Community

A2Z Homeschool Community

Homeschooling is naturally social. A2Z Home's Cool home school resource website has expanded to provide the A2Z Homeschool Community social and blogging website for homeschool parents, relatives, young people, and home school support organizations. Home education aka homeschooling continues to increase its position in education. Join us and share educational information, ideas, form interest groups, and more. It is just left up to your imaginations!

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You may read public portions of the site, but need to become a member to participate, just like any other social network. Your profile will become the hub of how you navigate the site. There you will be able to allow others to "friend" you, and you will then easily be able to send them messages individually or as a group. You will see icons for all the groups you join and blogs you follow, and more as time goes on.

Join communities or create one for you and your friends!

We offer over 30 videos on how to use Wordpress.

Come read some of our blogs to get an idea of what sort of content is best here.

You may form your own blogs, where you can assign others to help in the management. Create a blog if you intend to frequently add updates and information of interest to homeschoolers. Recent posts show up on the home page of the site, and so are easily found by search engines. You may want to start a blog for your support group for public outreach and announcements. If you wish to use BuddyPress and widgets, do chose a template with several columns. The features in this site are very powerful and set up to help you form communities for homeschool support.

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...if you wish to post something of interest to the community, but don't want the work of maintaining a blog. Do you have a field trip idea? Post to a state blog. Want to announce a new support group or event, and you already have a site? Join and post to a group. Groups can be public or private. A family may want to form a private group in order to talk about home education projects, and show off photos of their children privately to just their friends and relatives.

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...if you'd like to have a discussion about homeschooling with a number of participants. Forums can have specified topics set up to organize the topics.

We have over 800 members now in spring of 2011.

We do our best to keep your private information private. We don't recommend friends. You have to find or bring your own! Some are bringing whole communities over from aging websites that just don't understand the needs of online homeschool connections. We do! We've been there and homeschooled for many years. As I get older, I want to give other parents a leg up on building homeschool community and resource sites. That's why I'm doing this.

Ann Zeise


A to Z Home's Cool