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Would You Like to Receive FREE Phonics Printables? Free Phonics Online!

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Are you on facebook? If so, you can join our Candy 4WAY Phonics Facebook Fan Page.

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a) To view extra Phonics Tidbits
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To Join our Candy 4WAY Phonics Facebook Fan Page:

a) Log into your own Facebook Page

b) Go to our Candy 4WAY Phonics website and scroll down the page until you get to our Facebook Icon

c) Click on our Candy 4WAY Phonics Facebook Icon and Join our Fans Facebook Page

It’s that simple. Even if you’ve never bought a product, if you’ve enjoyed anything on our webpage then you can become one of our fans.


Our Fans receive exclusive PHONICS FANS FREEBIES.


So once you’re a Candy 4WAY Phonics Fan, look for the words FANS FREEBIE on our latest Facebook Post to find out what our current exclusive FANS FREEBIE Phonics Resource is and how you can receive it ABSOLUTELY FREE!


Happy Facebook Fans Day,


Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics

Did Your Child Fall Behind in Reading this Year? You Can Change all That With this Affordable Phonics Program!

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Have you been told that your child fell behind in reading this year?


Children who cannot read every word on every page often:


a) Rush through tests skimming through only the words they CAN read.

b) Do not like to read

c) Stumble over the words on the page, substitute words, or skip words while reading

d) Fear they are stupid or that there is something wrong with them

e) Complain that they don’t like school

f) Either go into a shell, become angry, or become the class clown.

g) Often have a stomach ache in the morning

h) Tell you that their favorite part of the school day is recess

i) Do not really have a favorite subject in school

j) Talk about their friends but never about their school classroom

k) Ask if you will read books, homework assignments, or directions for them


Just like you, other parents are struggling with this same problem, and, as a result, are searching for  COMPLETE systematic phonics curriculum at an affordable price to use in their own home with their own child. 

The good news is:  Your child CAN learn to read every word on every page.

Hi, I’m Carol Kay, the President of Candy 4WAY Phonics . I’ve had the pleasure of teaching intensive, systematic 4WAY Phonics for over 28 years in school classrooms, in homes, in my kitchen, in libraries, in coffee shops, on front steps, in driveways and ANYWHERE else that I could find a child who is struggling in reading.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program is based upon that same 4WAY Phonics method that taught a little girl named Candy how to read back in 1956.

You can read more about Candy’s TRUE STORY by clicking on the words: TRUE STORY.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program is based solidly upon that same 4WAY Phonics that taught little Candy to read every word on every page, except that Candy 4WAY Phonics has been updated for today’s generation of parents and children.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program incorporates 4 phonics approaches: synthetic, linguistic, analytic, and R’sA (rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration). It’s a complete, AFFORDABLE, systematic phonics program, and it’s written specifically for parents in a step-by-step, easy-to-understand way. 

Nothing touches my heart more than a child who is struggling to read, especially when I know there is a solution. It’s true that some children do suffer from learning disabilities, but according to evidence from the National Reading Panel’s Meta-Analysis as reported by the American Educational Research Association, one-on-one tutoring in systematic phonics instruction produces the BEST READING RESULTS among beginning readers as well as low and middle SES readers and younger and older RD students. Of course, little Candy, now all grown up, has known that for 51 years.

In addition, the Meta-Analysis proved that systematic phonics produced lasting benefits for all these student types not only in their abilities to sound out words, but also in their comprehension and spelling abilities.

The Candy 4WAY Phonics goal, therefore, is this: To Help Parents to Teach Their Own Children to Read!

If you’ve read the true story of little Candy, you’ll see that, fortunately, little Candy was a poor enough reader that she qualified for 4WAY Phonics help. HOWEVER, this is NOT the story for hundreds of thousands of school-aged children today.

Our schools do not offer systematic 4WAY Phonics . In fact, the phonics offered in our schools today is NOT explicit systematic phonics. It is implicit, embedded phonics sprinkled in tiny amounts on top of large servings of look/say reading.

Parents, The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program was specifically written for Moms and Dads to help them solve this reading crisis among our children!

We would love to help YOU to help YOUR child to read. Please believe me when I tell you that is, indeed, possible!

Candy 4WAY Phonics comes with everything you’ll need:

*Step-by-step, easy-to-understand Instructions

*Rhyming Charts

*Daily step-by-step lessons

*Sequenced story readers following after every five daily lessons

*Rhyming Alphabet Flashcards

*Lifetime Phonics Charts

And the best news of all — You can purchase all of this for just $9.97.

It all comes with free email coaching, and email coaching works when parents remember that: NO QUESTION IS DUMB! ALL QUESTIONS ARE SMART!

Each question we receive is a valued question. Through those free coaching emails, you will be speaking directly with me, Carol Kay, President and Author of Candy 4WAY Phonics Program —– and a very, very close friend of Candy.

Sincerely, Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics

The Teacher Says My Child is Getting Phonics.

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If you’re talking about explicit, systematic phonics, your child is NOT getting it if he attends an American public school.

You see, American public school teachers do not receive explicit, systematic phonics training in any of their college classes.

Even those very few teachers who were personally raised with explicit, systematic phonics instruction rarely use systematic phonics in the classroom because: Today, the concept of Guided Reading is a featured technique in nearly every elementary school in America.  (Open Education, Fountas and Pinnell)

Now if you’re talking about implicit, watered-down, look-n-say whole-word “phonics,” your child is getting that if he attends an American public school. And that is precisely why so many of our children cannot easily sound out every word on every page.

Having the ability to sound out every word on every page is an especially vital skill because a child’s reading ability will most assuredly affect his lifelong success?

We know this because the surveys tell us that approximately 48 out of every 100 American households are living below the poverty level because the breadwinners in those households cannot read?


There sure is!


Is it possible for Parents to know for sure that their child is getting the right kind of phonics?

It certainly is!


At Candy 4WAY Phonics, we believe that children deserve to learn to read everything put in front of them so that they can move up to other necessary skills like comprehension and inferential thinking – lifelong skills that will give them jobs with an adequate income – lifelong skills that will move them into households far above the poverty level.

While it may be true that almost HALF of American adults grew up as children who struggled in reading, YOUR child doesn’t have to join that statistic.


Parents, you can teach your own children to read using a correct, systematic 4WAY Phonetic system, a system that includes daily, easy-to-follow step-by-step lessons, step-by-step rhyming phonics charts, sequenced phonics story readers, rhyming flashcards










Moms, Dads, your child CAN learn to read!


Carol Kay, President
Candy 4WAY Phonics