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If you are asking this question then I highly recommend you check out this wonderful book by Megan Garcia – called “Mega Yoga” This lovely lady gives great advice and encouragement for big and beautiful people to adapt their bodies in order to enjoy and benefit from yoga. This is in response to a comment […]

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One of the wonderful advantages of homeschooling is that you don’t have to do things at the same time as most other families. Going to the cinema is a good example. Last Tuesday, as it’s fast approaching the festive season – we decided to take the kids and go to see the newest version of […]

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Why Yoga And Homeschool? We are sure you have asked that question – and quite right too! Hopefully we can go some way to give you an answer. Swami Shankarananda in his marvelous book – Happy For No Good Reason, believes we all live in two worlds simultaneously: The Outer World – of people, objects […]

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We had some lessons this last week that I’m sure any family could benefit from. ‘Anger and Stress Management’ I found this book at the library by JERRY WILDE – MORE HOT STUFF TO HELP KIDS CHILL OUT – written especially for children (obviously this is the 2nd edition and I will be looking out […]

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