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Books About Homeschoolers
November 27, 2010, 7:45 pm
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There’s a site that has a directory of books about homeschoolers, with reviews and study

Homeschool Literature Reviews

guides . How cool is that? How long overdue. Check it out!  They also have books by homeschoolers (but now “how-to” guides, this site is all about literature and fiction!)

About HomeschoolLiterature.com…

We read and review any short-story, picture book, or novel that relates to homeschooling. The site gives parents and children the chance to find books that talk about situations they can relate to. HomeschoolLiterature.com is new! We’re working on lesson plans, author interviews, more reviews, and maybe expanding into other closely related topics.

Here’s a list of the books in their directory so far:
Anne Clay Cernyar

    Compound Words
    November 17, 2010, 7:44 pm
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    I’ve been thinking and working a lot recently on how to teach compound words. I know at first that sounds like a silly thing because in fact, teaching compound words is a pretty simple exercise.compound word lesson plans

    I think it’s interesting because I feel that compound words are the first step for children in understanding and caring about the whole question of how words are put together.  After compound words comes subjects like word roots, suffixes, and prefixes. And if the compound word unit is enough fun, kids get interested in words and their origin which really helps as they go forward.

    There’s a great compound word lesson plan on this vocabulary site.

    Compound words are words which are created from two, or sometimes more, words that, when joined together, create a new word. Studying compound words is fun, helps kids understand the language, builds an interest in words and will help prepare students to learn prefixes, suffixes and word roots.

    All about homeschooling at A2Zhomeschooling.com Check out the new site and make comments. Home - A2Zhomeschool.com the multi-blog.