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High School Online Announcement

 I follow Time4Learning pretty closely so this is a really big deal. Time4Learning has been a big vendor in the homeschool world providing online interactive curriculum  to tens of thousands of families over the last ten years. b  So Check this out:   Announcing Time4Learning High School Homeschool Courses – just in time for the […]

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 My cousin just sent this to me. It totally cracked me up.  Apparently, it’s a new acronym that her kids are using. Her kids, btw, are a traditional private school. Very upper end and focused on college prep and all.  Apparently, they text it to each other during class. HSMP (Home School Me Please!).

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The Silent Majority

 Who would ever have thought I might quote Tricky Dick?  But, he coined the term of a silent majority and I’m now suggesting that in the homeschooling world, there might be a silent majority. When I go to homeschool conventions, I see a lot of very Evangelically-oriented curriculum developers.  When I look at homeschool websites […]

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Blogs that I like to read

I’m amused that I follow so many totally different blogs.  Some are useful to me with pertinent information and great insights or commentary.  Other blogs are just of interest to me but of no practical value.  Lets start with them. I also follow a number of political and philosophical/religious blogs but I think I’ll keep […]

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Educational Choice

Each family has a variety of educational choices, depending on their state, district, and resources.  Briefly. 1. Homeschooling 2. Public neighborhood school 3. Public magnet school 4. Public charter school. Rapidly evolving. 5. Private or parochial schools. 6. Virtual schools, public or charter One of my friends is working on a blog which studies in […]

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Thanksgiving 2011

I’m thinking about a survey that I did of my community a few years ago and I wish that I had gotten it organized again this year. The Thanksgiving question that I asked of the T4L members was, regarding their curriculum vendors, what were they thankful for. And what was on their wish list. Here’s […]

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What Should We Teach

There’s a great blog post called What to Teach which starts to explore the question of standards and curriculum.  Without divulging all of it, the article deals with the definition of educational curriculum and what should be taught as the standard for high school. It’s in the area of curriculum reform and uses the new […]

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What Criteria Were Used?

I would love to have been a fly on the wall in the search and selection of Robert Runcie, the new Broward School Board Superintendent.   In addition to checking that he is a good administrator, honest, smart, hardworking, has some ideas on how to improve test scores (sad sad sad) and deal with unions […]

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Robert Runcie is Broward’s New School Superintendent

BROWARD SCHOOL BOARD SELECTS NEW SUPERINTENDENT Robert Runcie The School Board of Broward County has selected Robert Runcie as superintendent of the sixth largest school district in the country. Following final interviews this morning of the two finalists, Runcie and Dr. Bernard Taylor, Jr., Superintendent, Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Board members […]

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My local schools – Whats New?

Its been awhile since I’ve posted,  here’s the news here about my local schools and their school board. The lady that I knew pretty well on the board resigned. It’s a shame. She was an X-teacher and totally dedicated to making the public schools work. She got criticized pretty heavily for being closely associated with […]

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