AHSA moves to A to Z!

In August 2000, a small group of California attorneys met at the Annual HomeSchool of California Conference and initiated the Association of Home School Attorneys, an informal network of attorneys and other legal professionals interested in helping homeschooling families negotiate legal issues that are unique to homeschoolers, including the legality of homeschooling, obtaining services from the public schools, custody issues, and contacts from child protection agencies. We developed the following mission:

It is the mission of the Association of Home School Attorneys to support
homeschooling by promoting knowledge of homeschooling laws.  The
Association will promote knowledge of homeschooling laws in several
· by creating a network of attorneys interested in homeschooling who
share legal information among themselves,
· by acting as a clearinghouse for dissemination of legal information to
the homeschooling community, and
· by working to educate the legal community and government agencies in
contact with homeschooling families, such as District Attorneys, Child
Protective Services, Family Court Services, Child Custody Attorneys and
Mediators, and Family and Juvenile Law Judges.
The Association, through its network of attorneys, will support
homeschooling by providing a source of referrals for homeschooling
families in need of legal defense assistance.  The Association supports
homeschooling in its many forms, without regard to religious or
political beliefs.

As part of the mission of AHSA, I started two yahoogroups, AHSA-USA and AHSA-USA_Homeschooling_and_Custody. These groups continue to be an important source of contacts for homeschoolers with legal issues and questions.

I also started a website with homeschool law information and a list of attorneys willing to take homeschooling referrals. Unfortunately, because we have been an all-volunteer organization, this website URL was inadvertently allowed to lapse. Thereafter, it was apparently purchased by another entity and the material on the site was appropriated by an unauthorized agency, who is now using it for advertising purposes. Some of the information on the website is plagiarized from the old site and part of it is just wrong.

Please tell your homeschooling colleagues that AHSA-USA.org is no longer a viable website but questions can still be directed to the yahoo groups.

I am a long-time friend and colleague of Ann Zeise and she suggested that I move the content of the website here. I sincerely appreciate her wisdom and support of this endeavor. In the next few weeks, I plan to transfer and update of all of the information on the former website to the A to Z Homeschool Community and start a new website. I hope this transfer of information will provide a valuable legal resource to the homeschooling community.

Linda J. Conrad, Attorney at Law, California Certified Appellate Specialist, Mediator, Past President and Past Legal and Legislative Chair of the HomeSchool Association of California, Current President of California Appellate Defense Counsel, www.lindajconrad.com. I can be reached at linda@lindajconrad.com.