It has been a CRAZY few weeks of news

November 28th, 2016

Okay, where do I even start off? It seems like homeschooling and education have been in the news non stop for days on end.

So, rewind a while back to right after Trump is appointed. This article was all over Facebook nonstop. Trump mentions homeschoolers in first 100 days.

Then Canada hops onto the scene! 19 Year Old Homeschool Alum Elected to Parliament – saw this on a Forum I browse sometimes.

Then, start the speculation on Edu Sec. Falwell meets with Trump to talk education. People FREAK out about this. And literally two days later, Trump picks Betsy DeVos for education secretary post.

Now, get ready for the media hell storm.

Trump’s New Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos a Strong Supporter of Homeschooling.

Trump’s Education Secretary Choice Is A Blow To Our Nation’s Science Health.

What Trump’s Pick For Education Secretary Spells For School Policy – NPR.

And then get this, Falwell comes out a few hours ago and says this:

Falwell says Trump Offered Him Education Secretary Job.

A pretty crazy past few weeks of politics and I’m happy to say that we all survived, safe and sound.

That is the thing about politics. We freak out about things. And at the end of the day, we have very little control. Our lives will go on. Time can only tell what will happen. I’ve learned to read the news, and then get back to my life. My blood pressure doesn’t rise. I don’t worry and fret.

I’ll leave it up to the Lord, and go about my business

The Best Homeschooling Book For Beginngers

November 15th, 2016

There are so many great resources out there for getting started homeschooling. The first book I ever purchased for homeschooling was Start Homeschooling Now. Definitely worth it, although the author has been inactive for a while.

The other books that I used to get started were recommended by Homeschool Base. This article outlines quite a few great books: Books For New Homeschool Moms.

It’s hard to argue that the Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling isn’t worth reading. It’s all in the name, folks.

Another book, completely unrelated, is: 7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child’s Potential by Zan Tyler– this book not only changed our homeschool, but changed my parenting in general.

And, don’t forget an all-time classic: The Well-Trained Mind by Susan Wise Bauer and Jessie Wise — I can’t help it, I refer to this book all the time.

I am not the most experienced homeschooler, but I’m also not a ‘noob’ as they sometimes say. I’ll try to update this post as I grow wiser and older (yikes). I do think that I’m at the stage in my journey where I can recommend some starter books.

Leave a comment with your recommendations! (I say this knowing I have only a small, small following at this point.)

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