If You Live In NYC, Send This Letter

December 13th, 2016

A really sad story from the HSLDA. http://www.hslda.org/hs/state/ny/201612052.asp

The most important things you need to know:

“Rather than follow the clear direction of New York’s regulation governing homeschooling, these defendants regularly make demands not included in the regulation and fail to follow the deadlines imposed on them by the regulation,” the complaint says.

“This routine, repeated bureaucratic indifference to the rights of parents to choose homeschooling has led to significant delays and loss of services, and has caused false reports of educational neglect to be made to the New York City Administration of Children’s Services … which have then caused needless, intrusive investigations of innocent parents.”

The case was filed against New York City for what was described as “systematic mistreatment” of homeschooling families.

The problem could be fixed simply by having the city follow the state’s requirements, the complaint argues.

In most jurisdictions, it is a crime to provide false information to law enforcement personnel if the person providing such information knows or should have known it is incorrect. Properly filed paperwork is prima facie evidence that the school administration should have known the children were in compliance with the law. Perhaps if a few criminal complaints were filed against the school administrators for providing false information to those responsible for enforcing truancy law, they might get with the program.

I think they are pissed off that parents actually don’t want their kids indoctrinated with the leftist, progressive agenda that is taught in New York schools. One has to understand that New York City is afraid that the homeschoolers will actually get an education, unlike the public school system in which “Core” is dumbing down every kid in America. ‘CORE’ is another word for least common denominator.

This is the letter you need to be sending out:

New York City Department of Education,

It has come to my attention that in 2016, over two-dozen families were threatened with an investigation by the Administration for Children’s Services for “educational neglect” for failing to notify you of their decision to homeschool. However, these families sent you their notification through certified mail and received a receipt.

Losing one or two notices sent through certified mail may simply be a mistake. But losing two dozens notices appears malicious to the outsider.

The Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) has recently filed a lawsuit against you for “systematic mistreatment” of families who choose to home educate. HSLDA stated, “New York City’s homeschool infrastructure is archaic and creates unnecessary burdens for homeschooling families, school officials, and social workers.”

The liberty to educate your child as you see fit is fundamental to American freedom. Further, over the last several decades, we have seen home-schooled graduates far outperform their publicly educated peers. In addition, home schooled graduates have strong relationships with other such students—and more importantly, extremely strong relationships with family members.

I agree with HSLDA and ask that you take action on this immediately before you are forced to comply by the courts. Don’t discriminate against homeschool families!

[Your Name]

Thank goodness we do not live in NYC. We home-schooled two of our children, several years ago, and we had no issues with the local school district (Naperville). Of course, they tried to discourage us but once we filed the necessary paperwork they left us alone.

Some children do not fit into or conform to the “mass education process–one way for all” and need the freedom to learn at their own pace and in a way more challenging and suitable to their mental capabilities. It certainly worked for us as they both obtained their diplomas with high grades and one went on to U of Illinois to obtain his Bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering and Masters in Engineering Mechanics with Very High Honors.

Public schooling is okay for basic education, but tends to stifle creativity which can lead to boredom and disciplinary problems. We need to do more to support and promote homeschooling and also get the government out of education with it excessive regulations and everyone must be the same attitude.

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