A Parent’s Dilemma

I am not a typical mom and I am not just torn between regular schooling and home schooling. My real concern is the quality of education that my child gets as well as the way to filter the things that he learns. For example, there’s a couple in town who have a 15-year old son and they are more concerned about grades or their faces that they do science projects or buy essay while their son is busy getting involved in some kinds of mischiefs all over town. Talk about delinquency. That kid goes in a good school, one of the best in town, actually.

I guess as a parent, you can never be too careful. And there’s only so much that I can do about this but I have been thinking of enrolling my kid to a different school instead. When I say different, I mean the ones that focus on child development during the early years of growth rather than acquiring of knowledge. I found one, it’s a Buddhist school but I think I need to find out for myself if it’s the one that I’m looking for. My child just turned 4 so it’s homeschooling for now.

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