Writing Your Research Paper? Beware Of Online Source

If you’ve ever started to write a research paper the night before it was due, you’ll know the importance of online sources! However, like all smart people, you will also be aware of its limitations. If you have one due any time soon- and you’re planning to rely only on online sources, this is what you need to know!

The Internet Is NOT Trained
Reference librarians are specifically trained to help you find sources for your research paper. The internet is not. It is only designed to show you sites that contain words you searched for. More often than not, these are not relevant to your research. Most of these sites you find will be a complete waste of time- at least so far as your paper is concerned.

Search for any of the words relevant to your topic and you are likely to come up with newspaper or magazine articles, advertisements or even pages full of instruction! None of these are useful as academic material in paper writing. Unfortunately, by the time you realize this- you’ve already wasted a lot of time.

What You May NOT Find On the Net

  1. Carefully researched material on your topic-written by academicians
  2. Material that is screened by experts- the kind you need for your research paper
  3. Relevant prior research papers written by other scholarsIf you still need to go for online sources, try the library databases as opposed to Yahoo or Google! You have more chances of finding relevant material for your research paper this way!

Most popular essay sites for essay writing:

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