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This Week’s Q&A


I need fun educational activities that I can plan on during the year as holidays and breaks arise….


Playing and learning come together beautifully around holidays and breaks and honestly, everyday! Many games can be played around an educational theme and arts and crafts can serve as ways to drive home foundational skills and reinforce Language Arts, Math, Science and nature exploration – even handwriting. Math…

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We updated the Supporter plugin that gives us some control over plugins and other stuff. However it deleted who was set up as a supporter. We went through and made anyone we remembered or are consistent contributors of home school focused content as a Supporter with a year long subscription from June 22, 2011 to June 22, 2012,  for FREE. If you feel you should have Supporter privileges for…

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On some blogs the gifs, images, and videos are a problem. Here is a gif that the person below was having trouble with at another blog site.  As an easy answer, we downloaded the cute little bunny and used the “Flash Upload option” to insert the image into this post. We like the floppy ears too.

We have…

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> We have animated Gif images on our site (we use Yahoo Sitebuilder), > and they automatically would be doing their moving “thing” as soon as > they were inserted. Now that I’m moving them to the new site (a > Blogger one), some come up animated and others do not. Does anyone > know if there is anything I can…

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We increased the number of recent global posts, from only the blogs, displayed on the main a2zcommunity page, located in the left hand column.

The number has been increased to 15.

Why is this important? We monitor for content what is displayed. So all the listings are relevant to topic and content for search engine spiders. If you have posts showing up most days on the main page then any links are followed…

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