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I am going to start to homeschool my little ones this August. I want to get them used to it slowly through the summer but I don’t know where to start. I understand the laws and rules but how do I ease into it? I am not sure that I can teach at all. Help!

No need to worry. Teaching and learning happen every day when parents and children do simple things together. Start off simple by doing fun, learning activities together. For instance, you and your children can: sort the socks on laundry day or sort the silverware into the silverware drawer – sorting is a major function in math and science; cooking a meal together or growing a vegetable garden involves not only math and science but good health as well; tell and read each other stories and use your imagination making up new story endings – storytelling is the basis for reading and writing (and a story about the past is also history); go to the library and check out books that interest your children, participate in the local summer reading club and read, read, read! Play a game of hopscotch together – playing physical games will help your child learn to count and start on a road to lifelong fitness. Playing board games and computer games together helps children learn to take turns and many subjects can be taught through educational games. By doing things together, you will show that learning is fun and important. Homeschooling is a lifestyle. Start by building the foundation of a love and eagerness for learning. Have fun – make memories. Good luck!

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