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I need fun educational activities that I can plan on during the year as holidays and breaks arise….


Playing and learning come together beautifully around holidays and breaks and honestly, everyday! Many games can be played around an educational theme and arts and crafts can serve as ways to drive home foundational skills and reinforce Language Arts, Math, Science and nature exploration – even handwriting. Math and Science can be experienced through cooking and baking. It really doesn’t even matter what ages your children are. The older they are, the richer the learning experience can be. Wrapping learning around a fun theme can make learning feel like child’s play!

Keeping this in mind, feel free to change the theme of any game to customize it to meet your needs for that moment. This may sound like a difficult concept but honestly, Bingo is BINGO no matter if your game’s playing pieces are candy, turkeys, snowflakes or dinosaurs or numbers. You can sort silverware or laminated pieces with images of bugs and insects or other types of game pieces. In the summer you can add an inch of water to a blow-up swimming pool and “fish” for the plastic letters to spell a word or your name. Do you sort of get the idea?

Look through a few educational catalogs. You’ll see every item is generally listed under the skill it teaches and typically indicates what age the activity is appropriate for. Find the games and concepts you like and want to teach and then try to make them yourself using whatever themes and materials you like. You can make your own game boards and pieces or you can use things you find in nature as your pieces and you can even purchase them at places like the dollar store. Change it up often for the best results.

Your imagination will be your limit. I hope that you have as much fun creating these activities as your children do using them. YOU can do this! Good luck!

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Ann Zeise