This Week’s Q&A for Homeschoolers

Question from home school mom:

Home School Groups

The homeschool groups that interest our family are so far away making participation nearly impossible. Can I start my own homeschool group?

Answer about finding a home school group:

YES! I can not tell you how many folks have trouble finding a support group for, their homeschooling family, near their homes and decide to start up a group for the home schooled students in the region they live in. I have a lot of information on how to start a  home school group, and how to keep one going (for those homeschoolers who are already members of one.)

Start putting up posters around town. Post fliers about you home school group at places like the library, churches, community centers, anywhere there are children’s activities and even at the school district if they have a “home school program” to notify other homeschoolers that you are starting a group. Probably a little PR, public relations, in the local paper would be a good idea as well. Good luck building your home school group in your state!

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