This Week’s Q&A for Homeschoolers

Question from a homeschooling mom:

Conferences talk about “The Method of Homeschooling”

I keep hearing about homeschooling methods at conferences. Do I need a method?

Over the years many homeschoolers have developed specific ways or methods of homeschooling. All provide a certain structure for homeschooling life. Some methods are very detailed and require a lot of structure and some don’t.

There are more methods than you can imagine… You might have heard about the Charlotte Mason Method, the Classical Method or the Waldorf Method. There are methods called The Unit Study Method and Unschooling and Natural Learning, The Thomas Jefferson Education Method and Enki Education. There’s also the Montessori Method. Many people take their own path and use a little part from any or all of the methods and incorporate them into their own hobbies and lifestyles. This is called the Eclectic Method. I have probably left some out. I recommend that you take some time to study and learn a little about each one to see what resonates with you. You may already have established a method of your own and just don’t know it!

When you are looking at the various methods don’t pick one just because it sounds good. It’s got to work for you and your family in order for you to succeed. Take some things into consideration…what is your teaching style and personality and also your child’s learning style and personality. Consider how homeschooling will fit into your day – homeschooling is a lifestyle choice. What is your home life like – is your life hectic and very busy? Do you travel extensively? Are you willing to make significant changes to implement something new? Look at what you and your children want to accomplish through homeschooling. Set real goals. Be realistic. Don’t compare yourself with other homeschoolers – this is about your family. Carefully examine different books and learning material and decide which ones YOU can facilitate. You can pick out the highest end, fanciest material available but if YOU as the mom can’t help your child master it then it’s worthless. Remember to make sure that the material will complement your child’s learning style otherwise you run the risk of frustrating your child and stifling learning.

At the end of the day, relax – homeschooling is a life style. Know that everyone had fun and memories were made.

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