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Question from home school family:

Home School Travel

We’d like to travel the United States in an RV over the next few years. Can we homeschool our preschool through high school aged children on the road? Will they miss out on anything?

Answer about traveling as a home school family:

Travel and vacations while homeschooling?! One of the huge advantages to home school education is that your children learn about the world we live in, how to survive and function in  real life and how to socialize and cooperate with its people outside of a classroom situation. Homeschooling while traveling with the family offers a much larger pallet of educational experiences for your home schooled children to glean information from. There are all sorts of things out there to interest every member of your family. Just imagine incorporating learning from what is around you in different places:

  • history
  • architecture
  • natural science
  • animals
  • climates
  • time zones
  • oceans
  • beaches
  • deserts
  • volcanoes
  • aerodynamics
  • planes
  • boats-ships
  • trains
  • food
  • music
  • art
  • museums
  • historical sites

…. not to mention the interesting people, socializing with real people  you will meet who will share their lives or share their special interests with you and your children. You can weave book and literature titles into your travel too!

Write to each state and get their travel guide to refer to for wonderful side trips and field trips. Your children (all ages) will thrive!

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