This Week’s Q&A for Homeschoolers

My son loves music and wants to learn to play an instrument. I wouldn’t know where to begin teaching this – I don’t even read music. Are there any resources to help me with this? 

After you and your son have settled on what instrument he wants to play, involve him in saving up to purchase the instrument. It’s not necessary that he save up for and pay the whole cost of the instrument, but saving and sacrificing something toward its purchase will help him understand the expense and value of his instrument as he accepts responsibility for its care. Make sure that you do not force him to learn an instrument of your choosing. You cannot make a child learn to enjoy playing what he/she is not interested in.

Homeschoolers have many ways to immerse themselves in music. Certainly, the musical opportunities at community centers, clubs, churches and after-school programs can offer a wide range of activities.

Learning music online is also becoming very popular. You can find lots of musical curriculum on the web where students can learn to play any musical instrument in step by step courses. There are an endless number of piano, drum and guitar lessons for the beginner. The beauty about the internet is that you can be very specific in what you are looking for.

Many homeschool co-ops have formed specifically to meet once or twice a week to share their musical talents. Homesch0oling Co-ops provide an informal environment for children where they can have opportunities to meet with peers who possess different musical skill sets. The children grow together in musical knowledge and while building confidence, they learn from each other. Talented parents will often teach the children and some co-ops may also hire professionals to teach specific music classes. Students get the chance to participate in hands-on and group learning and it’s the perfect opportunity for them to perform in front of a group of people in a comfortable and like-minded environment.


Ann Zeise


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