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Question from a homeschooling mom:

Working at Home for Homeschoolers

I haven’t started homeschooling yet, but I’d really like to. If I do, I’ll have to quit my full time job and will lose that extra income. What can I do to supplement my income from home?

Answer about working from home for homeschool parents:

There are many legitimate opportunities to work from home. You have to look around and check things out but many moms successfully work from home while homeschooling.

You can often make enough money for homeschool expenses and even the same or more than you were earning when you worked outside the home. One woman started advertising on my website after she had created a game to help learn multiplication tables. She’d run down to the local copy place every time she got an order. Then more orders started coming in. She raised the price and did a print run. Then she invented another game. Soon she had a business partner and a whole line of products. This really isn’t that unusual.

Think about the skills you have learned over the years and what you like to do. Maybe you are a teacher and can teach a Math or Science class through a local homeschool co-op in exchange for your children participating in some other class.

Or maybe you know how to sew and can teach sewing to homeschoolers or assist the local drama or ballet group with costumes for a fee. You might be an artist or know how to create digital artwork or understand HTML coding – this is very much in demand. Possibly you have a marketing degree or are a lawyer or have some other skill or experience that you can market.

Many moms who previously had no skills are making an excellent income blogging and using social media; other moms are online personal assistants and secretaries. One mom who is a CPA now consults with support groups and helps them set up legal non-profits. Maybe you can run a homeschool convention or work with a homeschool co-op. Moms have also become speakers and written books.

Running a small farm or organic garden may be more up your alley. Your children will love helping you in the garden and on a farm.

You can do this, work from home, make extra money while homeschooling your kids!

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