1. Post materials and resources

The web is a fantastic tool when it comes to distributing resources – all you have to do on your A2Z Blog is upload, or copy and paste, your materials to your blog and they’ll be instantly accessible by everyone, if your blog is public. What’s more, you can easily manage who gets to access to private blogs through password and plugin safety measures.

2. Host online discussions

If you’ve ever struggled to create an online discussion space – you’re going to love what A2Z will do for you. Your community members can simply respond to blog posts and discuss topics you’ve set them through comments of through our simple forum functionality – commentators can also sign up to receive emails when their comments are replied to and you can easily manage and edit all responses through your blog’s administrative panel.

3. Create a class publication

Do you remember the good old days of group newsletters? Well, they just got a lot easier with your A2Z – you can add members as contributors, authors and even editors in order to produce a custom designed, finely tuned and engaging collaborative online publication by your support group.

4. Replace your newsletter

Always enjoyed photocopying and stapling pages and pages of newsletters on a Friday afternoon? Though not! It’s ridiculously simple to post group information, news, events and more on your A2Z Blog.

5. Get your students blogging

It’s all very good sending your children off to blog sites, or even creating blogs for them, but you need to operate as a hub for their work and a base site where they can easily visit each others blogs. Your A2Z Blog can be used to glue together your children’s or members’ blogs, and connecting them all to your master blog site for the whole group or family.

6. Share your lesson ideas

We all love planning and admin, right? Well, using an A2Z Homeschool Community Blogs can turn planning and reflection about field trips or co-op programs into a genuinely productive – and even collaborative – experience. Sharing your plans, your reflections, your ideas and your fears with other homeschoolers both at your homeschool group level and around the world using an A2Z is a great way to develop as a parent-educator, and a brilliant use of a blog.

7. Integrate multimedia of all descriptions

With a couple of clicks you can embed online video, multimedia presentations, slideshows and more into your A2Z Blog and mix it up with your text and static resources. No cds required, no coding necessary – just select the video, podcasts or slidecast you’d like to use and whack it in your blog to illustrate, engage and improve your education toolbox.

8. Organize, organize, organize

You don’t only have to use your A2Z Blog as a journal… you can equally easily use the tools to organize everything from sports teams in your neighborhood, to rehearsals for the upcoming production. You can set up as many blogs as you like, so don’t be afraid to use a dedicated one for a dedicated event – your can even use it as a record to look back on down the line.

9. Get feedback

There’s nothing that says you can’t allow anonymous commenting on a blog (although you’re also entirely within your rights to put all comments through moderation!) but why not think about using a blog as a place for your whole family or group – and even the grandparents, to air issues, leave feedback or generally tell you how great you are.

10. Create a fully functional website

One of the great things about A2Z Blogs are that they are much, much more than just blogging tools. In fact, you can use your A2Z Blogs to create a multi-layered, in-depth, multimedia rich website – that hardly looks like a blog at all. So, if you’d rather create a set of static content, archive of important information or even index for your library – you can bend an A2Z Blogs to suit your needs.