This FAQ is provides quick and clear answers to some of the common questions and issues that bloggers face. Please scroll down to see the different categories.

Account Questions

I haven’t received an activation email? where is it? – The most likely reason for this is that you either made a typo when creating a blog or that your organization is blocking emails from us thinking they are spam. First, try to create a new blog again… if it says your email is already in use then please try using a free email account, like those offered by Gmail or Yahoo (they don’t mark us as spam).

I can’t add users to my blog –, and are all different sites and do not have integrated user databases. If you want to add users to your blog, then they have to be signed up at the main site: for example, if you want to add a user to, they *must* first sign up at

How do I allow my visitors to comment? – By default, anyone can comment on your posts. Go to Options > Discussion to set whether you moderate them or not. Note: If you turn on the ‘ Users Only’ plugin or in Options select ‘Users must be registered and logged in to comment’ your visitors will not be able to comment unless they are registered users… we recommend that you *do not* turn these on if you want your members to comment.

Using my blog questions

I want to embed videos, widgets and more in my posts and sidebar, but the code keeps on getting stripped out, what’s up? Unfortunately, for security reasons, you can’t paste code containing embed, javascript or iframes into your blogs… they’d allow hackers to bring down the site so we need to be extra secure. However, you can click on the yellow ‘A’ button in your editor to embed pretty much any kind of movie and read the instructions in your ‘upload’ area (under your posting area) for how to embed other types of media. For more information please see ‘Getting More Out of Widgets’.

How do I subscribe to podcasts in itunes / Juice / other podcast receivers?

Your regular blog feed is however, if you want to subscribe to your blog in a podcast player (or advertise to your subscribers hand readers, how to do this) you should use RSS2, so the feed becomes

‘Before I start’ questions

Do I have to pay for anything?

No, is free, though sponsor donations are most welcome.

How much free upload space do I get? What files can I upload?

You can upload almost every file type you could need, and if you want a new one, drop us a note and let us know.

You get 10MB free upload space and can upload files up to 2MB in size… for a fee you can also increase your upload space. Contact us for a quote.