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Catching up …


I am so ashamed that I have not kept this blog active.  It was originally set up to keep our registered families informed on changing laws, new ideas, new curriculum and events in and around our area.  Sadly, it did not go as planned and with the launch of the Facebook page, this has been set aside on a back burner.  That all changes today!

I plan to update this blog with ideas to help get your homeschooler active in his/her studies and social life.  I will provide you with information regarding curriculum and more along the way, and maybe even post some of the hair pulling moments I have with my own homeschoolers.

When this blog started, I had one in middle school, entering high school; and one in elementary school.  Now, my oldest has graduated and moved on to bigger and better things, while my youngest is two years from graduation.  I now have a 5 year old (niece) that is eager to learn.  When I say I may share some hair pulling moments, believe me, there are more than you think, but at the same time, there are moments that I would never want to change.

I think that when we are homeschooling moms, dads, grandparents, we often question ourselves on many levels.  Did I do the right thing?  Am I teaching them enough?  Are they learning enough? Are they learning the right things?  Somewhere down the line we will have moments that we see what they have learned, what we have taught and we will give ourselves that light pat on the back, and maybe we will mutter “Good job!” under our breath.  These things happen to all of us and it is totally normal!  That’s right!  We are normal!  Now, we can relax for a moment.

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