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If you’ve read my blog before, then you’ve probably heard the TRUE STORY of little Candy. If you haven’t, just click on the word Candy, because it’s a great story!

Which leads me to this question:

If so, I emphatically believe that you, Mom (and you, Dad) are the answer to your child’s reading struggle!

You see, little Candy learned to read, and YOUR child can learn to read, too! He could be reading EVERY word on EVERY page, skimming through connective words and complex sentence openers, and progressing into inferential thinking

YES,  all of that can happen with YOUR child! 

However, your child will need two VITAL tools to enable him to take that exciting journey:

1) He will need to use a tried and true systematic phonics reading system

2) He will need a reading teacher who intensely and emotionally cares about his reading progress.

That means that your child needs YOU as his reading teacher.

Your little one does NOT need
a village
or a certified teacher
to learn to read!

Your child just needs a mom (or a dad) who is willing to become a fellow learner with their child.

That’s because God has designed PARENTS to instruct their own children in the foundational basics needed to get along in life.


Of course, for the most part, a parent’s one-on-one instruction in any subject area will produce better results than group instruction.

Reading, however, is the entire foundation of learning! Therefore, reading is best taught to a child one-on-one by his parent.

It has been my teaching experience, in the home school arena, when talking with parents in one-on-one tutoring sessions, and when talking with parents and teachers in the school-classroom setting, that our society has been fed a list of terrible, terrible “reading” lies.

These Reading Lies include the following:

a.) LIE NUMBER ONE – Teaching a child to read is difficult.

b.) LIE NUMBER TWO – Teaching a child to read can only be accomplished by a trained professional.

c.) LIE NUMBER THREE – Teaching a child to read requires the knowledge of a combination of several types of reading methods.

d.) LIE NUMBER FOUR –Parents and others who decide to invest in reading materials must be prepared to pay a pretty penny for those materials.

e.) LIE NUMBER FIVE – A parent who does not know phonics cannot teach a child to read phonetically.


a.) LIE NUMBER ONE – Teaching reading is difficult

The subject of reading is not difficult to learn, and it is not difficult to teach. With patience and a correct 4WAY Phonics system, learning to read can be fun and fullfilling for parent and child.

b.) LIE NUMBER TWO – Teaching a child to read can only be accomplished by a trained professional.

Parents make THE BEST teachers for their child.

c.) LIE NUMBER THREE – Teaching a child to read requires the knowledge of a combination of several reading methods.

Teaching a child to read requires the knowledge of only one 4WAY Phonics system for reading.

d.) LIE NUMBER FOUR –Parents and others who decide to invest in reading materials must be prepared to pay a pretty penny for those materials.

Reading material should not be expensive. A consistent, time-proven reading system is all that is needed to create a good reader.
The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program is a time-proven, complete K4 thru 4th Grade 4WAY Phonics Program, and it’s designed for PARENTS and sold at a price PARENTS can afford!  For just $9.97, Parents, you can purchase an entire systematic 4WAY Phonics Program (100 lessons, 20 colored story readers, multisensory tools, rhyming colored charts, pronunciation keys, phonics drill — EVERYTHING!

e.) LIE NUMBER FIVE – A parent who does not know phonics cannot teach a child to read phonetically.

Parents who don’t know phonics make THE BEST phonics teachers, because more than anyone else, a parent knows his child’s fears and thought patterns.

This is how I explain it to parents in the opening paragraph of The Candy 4WAY Phonics Instruction book entitled, How to Teach Intensive Phonics:

Moms and Dads, if you are willing to follow the steps in this book with patience and prayer, I believe that your child can learn to read fluently and confidently, because patience reaps fluency and prayer reaps confidence.

So how can Moms (and Dads) make that difference in their child’s reading ability?

To begin, Moms can select the one reading system that has never failed to work in any language or in any country or in any time period. It’s known as “Intensive Phonics. Candy learned from an Intensive 4WAY Phonics System. To read more click here.

Happy Reading!

Carol Kay,
Candy 4WAY Phonics

Explicit Systematic Phonics Instruction: Decoding and Phonemic Skills Build Good Readers

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Did you know that reading is easy if you know THE CODE?   Unfortunately, for too many children, that code has been kept a secret. 

Do you know how many adults think that teaching phonetic reading must be a gruesome task? So many parents and teachers have been duped into believing that phonics is hard to learn and hard to teach. This couldn’t be further from the truth!

The sad part about believing this is that YOUR CHILD GETS JIPPED, because there REALLY IS a simple phonics code, and that code works!

Candy  grew up in the 1950’s. When Candy began first grade she was excited about the prospect of learning to read. Her hopes were soon dashed, however, because, UNFORTUNATELY, the reading textbooks used in her regular public school classroom taught her to figure out words by:

The picture on the page,
The shape of the word,
The first letter of the word,
The context of the sentence
Using a process of elimination
and by
Guessing at the word.

You see, Candy’s school had purchased a brand new reading curriculum starring Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot. This new curriculum had abandoned the basic phonics rules that had been used to teach children to read since the founding of our country. Instead, this new curriculum simply taught children to grab onto whatever word chunk that they could “naturally” decode and then to guess at the rest of the word.

Candy soon discovered that she was not capable of memorizing all the words in her new reading book. Soon Candy was lost in reading! In fact, Candy fell so far behind in her reading group, that she soon became the poorest reader in her class. She dreaded reading group time. She often felt like crying, and sometimes she actually did cry in front of the other children in her reading group.

Luckily, however, Candy’s reading was “bad enough” that she was sent away for help to a special classroom where they taught reading using a 4WAY phonics approach. After only 6 months of learning to read using this 4WAY phonics approach, Candy returned to her regular reading group. She soon discovered that she had gone from being the worst reader in her group to being the best reader in her group.

Once Candy discovered the code used to sound out words, and after she was presented that code using a 4WAY phonics method, she found that phonics made reading easy! Candy soon went on to read lots of stories with connective words and varied sentence openers and to think with inferential thinking skills.

Parents, teaching and learning phonics IS easy when you use that same 4WAY phonics method that was used to teach little Candy to read. To read the complete TRUE STORY of Candy and to find out how you can teach to your children that same phonics method that taught little Candy to read, please go to

Moms and Dads, The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program  – Age 4 through Grade 4 is that same 4WAY phonics program used to teach little Candy to read. It has now been updated specifically FOR THIS GENERATION OF PARENTS.

To see for yourself, and to receive FREE EMAIL HELP with your phonics/reading concerns and plenty of other FREE PHONICS STUFF go to:


Carol Kay (a very close friend of Candy’s)

Homeschooling Moms Make the BEST Teachers!

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Homeschooling Moms Make Great Teachers! 

In fact, homeschooing Moms make the BEST teachers!


Marva Collins once said:  “No amount of money or theory or gimmickry will cure what is wrong with education.”


I truly believe that this is true.  I also truly believe that homeschooling moms are the cure to what is wrong with education. This is exactly why The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program has been written specifically for Moms and not for school teachers. 


Marva went on to say this:  “Teachers need to stop looking for excuses and teach.  They have to read and prepare and learn what they do not know, and then they have to bring that knowledge to their students, taking as much time as necessary to make sure every child learns.  Any teacher who leaves a child as she found him negates her duty as a teacher. . . Everything works when the teacher works. . . It’s as easy as that, and as hard.  It’s your duty to find a way to reach each child.  If the child doesn’t move, it’s the teacher’s fault.”


Marva Collins, a secondary school teacher who was offered the post of Secretary of Education by two consecutive U.S. Presidents, turned down both offers so that she could remain at her Chicago school serving the needs of her students. 


LIKEWISE, how many homeschooling moms have turned down promotions and vacations and benefits to remain in the home and enable their children with an education?


Marva’s students were children that the public schools had given up on, but Marva knew they were diamonds in the rough, just waiting for someone to do everything humanly possible to make each of them shine. She believed that ALL children are achievers, and she took it personally if any of her students failed.  Marva believed that her students, many of whom were labeled and shuffled from one special education class to another, were all brilliant children, and that all they needed was someone special to believe in them and draw out the best in them.


Just as I am certain that there are many teachers out there doing their very best to reach the students in their classrooms, there are just as many who look for every excuse to lay the blame for a child’s educational failure upon everyone and everything except upon the teacher.  Thank the Lord for homeschooling Moms who do not have the luxury of playing that blame game!


For example, most of the homeschooling Moms I know keep their children at home because they want to make certain that their precious little ones live up to their fullest potential, both spiritually and educationally. These are Moms who feel that God has given them the responsibility to uncover “the diamond” inside each of their children, and they are dedicated, 24/7,  to finding and carving out that diamond until it shines.  I truly believe that this is what God intended!


Homeschooling Moms, for the most part, do not allow their children to fail in reading or in any other subject.  The homeschooling Moms that I know do whatever it takes to enable their children to read every word on every page.  They go to these efforts because they believe that since they took the responsibility for their child’s education, it is their solemn duty to make certain that their children can read so they will succeed in all of their other subject areas as well.


The Christian homeschooling Moms that I know believe that each of their children was created in the image of God, that he/she is “fearfully and wonderfully made.”  Along with that knowledge, these Christian homeschooling Moms know that it is their responsibility to discover those special talents and abilities that God has placed inside each of their children.   


I believe that most homeschooling moms can be likened to an example Marva gave her teachers and students, the example of Michelangelo.  Marva once said to a student named, Arnold, “There once was a famous sculptor named Michelangelo.  Do you know what a sculptor is?”  Arnold shook his head without lifting his eyes.  “Well, a sculptor is someone who carves and chisels statues out of blocks of wood or stone.  Michelangelo liked to make things out of marble.  And he would walk around the streets of Florence, Italy, where he lived, and every time he saw a piece of marble he would think of the beautiful angels he could carve from it.  Just as Michelangelo thought there was an angel locked inside every piece of marble, I think there is a brilliant child locked inside every student in this school.” 


A special thanks to homeschooling Moms who have taken the time to find all the little “Michelangelos hidden inside their own God-given children.”  Having homeschooled our own six children for 28 years, I have the utmost admiration for each of you!


May God richly bless your efforts and your endurance!


Carol Kay

Candy 4WAY Phonics

The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program is sold at our website at: