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Sounding Out Words vs The Nutcracker Suite!

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There’s a reason

why Systematic Phonics Works.  

Here’s a true story to illustrate that reason.


Mrs. Woods was a skilled music teacher and, fortunately, she taught elementary music appreciation during a segment of American history when public schools could still afford to teach the subject of music.


Traveling from class to class, Mrs. Woods toted music scores, recordings, and lecture notes to each classroom of children, first through the fifth grade. 


It was during our fifth grade school year that Mrs. Woods decided that our class needed to become familiar with major classical music selections. 


Because she knew that a special Christmas orchestral presentation of The Nutcracker Suite would soon be arriving to our downtown music theater, Mrs. Woods used our classroom time to teach us how to recognize certain movements within The Nutcracker Suite as well as its opening overture and final finish. Our favorite movements were The Russian Dance, The Waltz of the Flowers, and The Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy


After Mrs. Woods was positive that our ears were trained to recognize all of the necessary elements of this Tchaikovsky fairy tale ballet, she arranged for our class to attend the professional orchestral presentation of The Nutcracker Suite.  


Even though we were only in the fifth grade and even though there was no stage ballet dance performance to keep us entertained, Mrs. Woods knew we would remain entertained all the way from the very beginning to the very end of the performance because we knew the opening, middle,  and closing notes and movements of the ballet and because we knew what to listen for in order to tell when a new movement had arrived.  As a result, we all sat back and thoroughly enjoyed the entire orchestral presentation of this Christmas “Nutcracker” Music Special. 


DID YOU KNOW THAT learning how to sound out every word on every page is very much like learning how to recognize all the essentials of a classical music selection?


You see, just as a proper classical music curriculum teaches children what to “listen for,” a Systematic 4WAY Phonics reading curriculum teaches children what to “look for.”


Just as classical music instruction trains students to recognize beginning, middle and ending movements within an orchestral selection, Systematic 4WAY Phonics instruction trains students to recognize beginning, middle, and ending letter and phonogram sounds within words. 


Just as classical music students learn to listen all the way through Tchaikovsky’s fairy tale ballet by studying it’s beginning movements all the way through to its center movements and on through to the end of the ballet, Systematic 4WAY Phonics students learn to read all the way through a word  by blending its beginning sounds all the way through to its center phonograms and on through to the end of the word.


Tchaikovsky’s students do not begin in the middle of The Nutcracker Suite, nor do they begin at the end of The Nutcracker Suite.  They begin a symphony by listening to its opening overture.  Systematic 4WAY Phonics students do not begin in the middle of words, nor do they begin at the end of words.; 4WAY Phonics students approach a word by starting with its very beginning letter sound and reading all the way through the word to its very ending letter sound


Our fifth grade class learned all about The Nutcracker Suite from beginning to end through daily lessons taking just one step at a time.  We did not go on to one lesson until we had mastered the lesson before. 


The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program takes children from age 4 through Grade 4 from beginning to end through the 4WAY Phonics step by step lessons.  Students do not go on to one lesson until they have mastered the lesson before.  


Mrs. Woods was a skilled music teacher and, fortunately, she taught elementary music classes during a segment of American history when music appreciation classes were an affordable school subject.


Homeschooling Moms and Dads are caring teachers who, fortunately, are able to teach a Systematic 4WAY Phonics program during a segment of American history when Candy 4WAY Phonics is FREE OF CHARGE for all parents. 


Systematic 4WAY Phonics is that same 4WAY Phonics reading approach that taught a little girl named, Candy, how to sound out every word on every page. 


You won’t want to miss reading Candy’s TRUE STORY!

Carol Kay, President
www.Candy 4WAYPhonics



Teaching Preschoolers to Read is So Possible!!!

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QUESTIONIsn’t it customary that during the preschool years children should be concentrating on having fun and learning social skills? 


ANSWER:  Of course it is.  We can use segments of a preschooler’s day to engage them in acting out drama as well as learning to cooperate, take turns, and follow instructions.  We can teach them to paint pictures at an easel, mix colors and learn geometric shapes, size relationships, and the basics about gravity. 


QUESTIONIs that all we should teach Preschoolers?


ANSWERGoodness gracious, no!  We can also enable our little preschoolers to learn to sound out words


After all, why shouldn’t preschoolers have EVERY educational opportunity!


Without a doubt, children as young as 3 years of age can also be trained in phonemic awareness skills such as those basic letter sounds found on the 31 A to Z Phonics Multisensory Wall Cards inside the  Candy 4WAY Phonics Preschool Lessons.  (Click here to download these lessons and Wall Cards FOR FREE).


Moreover, children as young as 4 years of age can actually be taught to sound out words by following the Candy’s 4WAY Phonics Step-by-step Systematic 4WAY Phonics Preschool Program


For example, have you ever heard the true story of little Shannie?


Shannie had just reached her 4th birthday! 

She was standing with her family at the entrance to her father’s favorite restaurant waiting to be seated when little Shannie spotted the restaurant sign set up just in front of the cashier.


The sign read: “Please Wait to be Seated!”


Out loud, Shannie began the process of sounding out the words:


pl —– eez / wāt //bee/seeted.”


Suddenly, with tremendous enthusiasm, Shannie turned to her mother and exclaimed,


Mommy, that sign says that we should wait to be seated!”


Others standing around her couldn’t help but notice.


After all, we’re talking about a 4 year old little girl who could sound out words, words that are not normally presented to a child until the last part of first grade.


Other mothers paused to ask Shannie’s mother, “How does she know how to do that?”


Shannie’s mother told them all about the Candy 4WAY Phonics Preschooler’s Package, a simple, parent-friendly 4WAY Phonics system, that same 4WAY Phonics system used to teach a little girl named Candy, back in the 1950’s, how to read.


Shannie’s mother continued on to explain that for ABSOLUTELY NO COST AT ALL, their child could also learn to sound out words, even at the young age of 4 years old, if their child was taught to read by their mother, using a step-by-step 4WAY Phonics system of reading, while snuggled up together on their living room couch with MOM for just 20 minutes a day and 10 minutes more just before bedtime.


You see, that’s all the time it takes to enable a preschooler to learn to sound out words.  It’s a very simple FOUR STEP FORMULA for enabling a child to be able to read every word on every page.  Those 4 INGREDIENTS ARE:

1)    A proven 4WAY Systematic Phonics reading method

2)    Mixed into 100% ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE step-by-step Daily 4WAY Phonics Lessons, Phonics Charts, and Multisensory Flashcards and Wall Cards

3)    Stir in one loving, caring, and teachable Mommy

4)    Produces one child who learns to sound out words!


Naturally, all loving parents want their little preschooler to have fun coloring and painting and learning all the social graces.  However, loving parents can also enable their preschool children with the ability to sound out words.


The next time you go to your favorite family restaurant, wouldn’t you be delighted to see your little guy or gal sound out the words on the sign next to the cash register?  


Check it out: Candy’s 4WAY Phonics Preschool Package

Sincerely, Carol Kay, President

Candy4WAY Phonics


U.S. Literacy – So Many in the United States Cannot Read. There is a Solution!

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do you personally know even just one of the 11 million adults in this nation that cannot read the English language? 


I’m asking you this because if you DO know of an adult who cannot read or an adult who struggles to read, this means that they do not have the skills they need to handle many everyday life tasks such as reading menus or grocery boxes, enjoying magazine articles or good books, understanding a bus schedule or the directions on a prescription label.


What I find appalling, however, is the fact that there are no reports indicating that adult literacy has risen in the United States since the last report published in 2003 stating that “the proportion of adults with high literacy skills fell from 20 percent in 1994 down to 14 percent.”


Folks, that’s just disgusting! After all, we live in the United States of America!  We pour billions of dollars every year into our educational programs, and for what?  So that 11 million adults in our nation can continue to NOT READ??? 


So that 11 million adults in our nation can continue to feel dumb,” when in reality, they are probably brilliant???


If you are one of these adults and someone is reading this article to you, did you know that adults who DO have the ability to read made an average yearly salary of $50,700 in 2003, and that those same statistics tell us that those lucky folks made approximately $28,000 more than you made that same year — simply because they could read and you couldn’t?


Are you getting bothered yet?  Are you getting bothered enough to do something about it? 





You can teach yourself, at your own dining room table, how to sound out every word on every page!    


If you have a computer with audio sound capabilities, then for ABSOLUTELY FREE you can download the Candy 4way Phonics Lessons as well as the Audio Download where you can hear all 100 step by step lessons read aloud.  Candy 4WAY Phonics  that employs the same 4WAY Phonics Method  that was used to teach a little girl named Candy how to read back in the 1950’s.  It will take you step-by-step through 100 daily phonics lessons until you can sound out every word on every page. 


The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program will start you out with basic letter sounds and carry you all the way through every blend, every phonogram, every sight word until you’ve lost all of your fear of reading.  You see,  Candy 4WAY Phonics is NOT more of the same “reading drudgery” that you’ve already had. 


As an adult, you probably went through a school system that taught you to read by memorizing whole words placed on word walls or found in books that repeated the same words over and over and over and over again.  At Candy 4WAY Phonics we believe this type of reading approach is hogwash 

Reading should begin with learning the basic alphabet sounds and learning to blend those sounds together from left to right. After you’ve learned all the sounds of the letters and after you’ve spent time with the 100 Daily Phonics Lessons learning to blend those sounds together within words, then you will no longer be afraid to approach new words, because you’ll be able to sound out all the words you come to from left to right even if you’ve never seen the words before. 


With Candy 4WAY Phonics you will learn to sound out words one step at a time, one lesson at a time, until you’ve learned all the sounds and all the blends that make up all words.


In addition, with the ABSOLUTELY FREE Candy 4WAY Phonics Audio Download you won’t have to guess at what the letters and blends sound like, because you’ll be able to hear all of them read aloud on every Daily 4WAY Phonics LessonYou might need a little help to read the directions that come with the program, just to get yourself started, but after that, you’ll be able to actually hear every word and every blend, and every sentence read aloud on every page of the 100 daily phonics lessons – eliminating all the guesswork about what the letters and blends are supposed to sound like


Please, don’t spend the rest of your life not knowing how to read.  When you’re finished with The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program, you will not only know how to read, but after practicing your reading for a couple of years after that, you’ll be able to read better than most of the people you know



Carol Kay, President
Candy 4WAY Phonics