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Teaching Children Transition Words – Here’s a resource to help kids use connecting words when they write.

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I strongly believe that teaching children transition words is a vital step to teaching kids how to write.  In fact, how to teach kids to use connecting words when they write should begin earlier in school and be carried on all the way through high school.  


Did you know that transition words (connective words) provide four drastic improvements for our writing?

1)    Connective words transition our thoughts so that our thoughts make sense to other people.

2)    Connective words give our thoughts a place to leave and a place to begin again in a consistent, smooth flow.

3)    Connective words make it easier for our teachers to grade our papers.

4)    Thus, connective words give us higher grades on our school writing assignments. 


I’m certain that many good elementary and high school teachers have had the thought, “Well, there’s plenty of other stuff to teach our kids like proper sentence structure, good spelling, correct use of a subject and a verb, the elimination of run-on sentences etc, so I’ll just have to get to this whole connective word stuff when I get to it.” 


The problem with that is, that our teachers just aren’t “getting to it” soon enough.  As a result, far too many of our kids are graduating from high school and going into college classes without having a clue about how to write a coherent essay.  In fact, their thoughts and paragraphs are all over the place because they have never learned to connect one idea to another idea in a consistent, appropriate, second-nature way. 


It is my strong belief, after coaching many of these college students, that our upper elementary and junior high schoolers and high schoolers need to become familiar with connective (transitional) words if they ever hope to be able to influence anyone with what they write.  In fact, it’s because of what I’ve seen over and over and over again as I tutored college students in their rhetoric classes, that this newest Transition Words (Connective Words) Package is now available to you ABSOLUTELY FREE.   After all, isn’t that the goal of teaching our students to read and write — to enable them to write something that influences others to take an action step or to think a particular thought or to change a specific goal? 


With this is mind, we at Candy 4WAY Phonics have chosen story starters as a launch pad to teach students how to recognize and use transition words.  In addition, our story starters, along with their connective word choices, enable students to avoid dumping their entire story into the first paragraph. 


However, story starters are just one element of this brand new Transition Words (Connective Words) Package.  With this downloads, you will also receive ABSOLUTELY FREE an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of not only 20 great Story Starters that provide students with a choice of connective word phrases in which to begin their next paragraph, but you will also receive MORE TRANSITION WORDS than you have ever seen in one resource and over 600 different ways to say, “he said,” because “said” can get so boring! So that’s 3 awesome resources all wrapped up into one package.


Check it out!   

Have fun connecting stuff!



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics