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It’s SUMMERTIME, and your child (who has been struggling in reading all year long) has a break from school.  So, why not teach your child the phonics sounds he did NOT get in school this year?


It’s 100% ABSOLUTELY FREE, and learning the phonics combinations on these cards can help your child to not only sound out words, but spell better, too, because these are the main phonics combinations that make up all systematic phonics spelling programs.  From the makers of The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program:


You can now download FOR ABSOLUTELY FREE our 65 LARGE Multisensory Flashcards / Wall Cards teaching the sounds of 140 Phonograms! 


These 65 Multisensory Flashcards / Wall Cards will come to you as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD for ABSOLUTELY FREE!  


With these 65 Multisensory Flashcards / Wall Cardsyour child will learn all of the alphabet letter sounds as well as those 114 most common but tricky phonograms using a multisensory approach.


Each of these 65 Multisensory Flashcards/Wall Cards represents the sound of one of the alphabet letters or of several phonograms that represent the same sound.  

For example, a freezing bear inside of an ice cube represents the sound of the phonogram br.  


A hooting owl represents the sounds of the phonograms long u, long oo, u_e, ue, ui, ew, ough.


The Multisensory helps on these 65 Multisensory Phonics Flashcards / Wall Cards (multisensory colored pictures, rhyme, and catchy phrases) appeal not only to a child’s sight, but also to his sense of touch, his appeal to colors, his sense of emotion, and his sense of hearing.


Multisensory training takes advantage of the way our senses–hearing, sight, and touch — reinforce one another as we learn.


The combination of listening, looking, and moving presented in these flashcard pictures creates a lasting impression—things connect to each other and letter sounds begin to fit into place in a child’s mind.

This is a great resource to help young children as young as preschool to gain phonemic awareness all the way up to 4th grade children who struggle in reading and need to “catch up” on the phonogram sounds they never mastered.

These 65 Multisensory LARGE Flashcards / Wall Cards are also the perfect decor to surround an education classroom.

If you’ve ever viewed the television special about Marva Collins, you’ll remember those vintage multisensory alphabet letter wall cards that surrounded her classroom. Each wall card illustrated one multisensory picture that represented one of the alphabet letter sounds.


The Candy 4WAY Phonics 65 Multisensory Large Flashcards / Wall Cards have been patterned after those vintage wall cards, except that each Candy Multisensory Flashcard / Wall Card has been updated with this generation’s styles and each represents one multisensory picture of either one of the 26 alphabet letters or the 114 most common but tricky phonograms.

All of the alphabet letter sounds and phonogram sounds taught with these 65 Flashcards / Wall Cards are also taught throughout the Daily Phonics Lessons that are part of The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program.




Carol Kay,


President Candy 4WAY Phonics 


FREE PHONICS CURRICULUM – because YOUR Child Can’t Read!

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It is now the middle of the summer, and you have been trying to encourage your child to read fun books, and, well, he/she simply DOESN’T WANT TO READ.


Is it because he/she CAN’T READ?


Are you wondering why on earth your child, who’s gone to the public schools every day, has made it past the 3rd grade and still CANT READ? 


This is because our schools DO NOT offer systematic phonics in their reading instruction.  It’s true, and most of the teachers in our public schools wouldn’t have a clue how to teach systematic phonics even if they were told to use it for their reading method.  However, that’s not their fault! Systematic phonics instruction is NOT one of their required subjects in college. In fact, MOST colleges do not even offer a systematic phonics instructional reading course even as an elective course. 


I know, I know, your child’s teacher told you that he/she DOES teach phonics.  Well, he/she does NOT teach systematic, explicit phonics, and that makes all the difference in the world.  For certain, the “phonics” offered in our public schools today is NOT explicit systematic phonics. It is implicit, embedded phonics sprinkled in tiny amounts on top of LARGE servings of look/say whole-word memorization reading methods.


This is why the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program was specifically written for Moms and Dads – to help them solve this reading crisis with their own child, no matter what age their child is.


If a child is taken step by step, lesson by lesson, and taught the letter sounds, how to blend those sounds from left to right, and taught, step by step, lesson by lesson, all the phonograms that make up those sounds, that child will learn how to read unless he has a neurological disadvantage.


If you would like to learn systematic phonics yourself while you are teaching your child to read using a parent-friendly, systematic phonics curriculum, step-by-step, lesson by lesson for ABSOLUTELY FREE, click here.   Make certain that YOUR CHILD learns how to sound out every word on every page for the rest of his/her life?


Children who have difficulty reading represent a virtual cross-section of American children.  They include rich and poor, male and female,rural and urban and in all sections of our great nation.


Sadly, the latest NAEP assessment scores tell us that the number of older children who CANNOT READ has now become a grave, NATIONAL problem. Tests also confirm that the biggest stumbling block for ALL of these non-reading children is THE FACT that they NEVER learned to recognize what reading experts call “phonemes.”


Candy 4WAY Phonics offers 100 lessons of every phoneme your child will ever need to know in a parent-friendly, easy-to-use curriculum for ABSOLUTELY FREE!  Why is it 100% FREE?  It’s ABSOLUTELY FREE because the author of this program is FED UP with the fact that our children CANNOT READ!  


We truly believe that our ABSOLUTELY FREE COMPLETE PHONICS-FIRST CURRICULUM can’t be beat!




Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics