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Posted on Saturday, June 10th, 2017 at 1:55 pm

An Essay Grade A



Oh my!


How much better our kids


could be doing on their essays


if only they knew


this one simple secret.


Because I tutor many college kids in their university English classes, I see way too many students struggling with essay writing in their general education classes all because they never uncovered one crucial piece of information, information that could have shown them how to get a Grade A Essay!  Moreover, they could have been learning how to get a Grade A Essay since the 5th grade. Yet, it was a total mystery to them.  If only someone had taken the time to emphasize how important it was to learn this simple skill and to teach them, through ample practice, just how to compose a Grade A paper.


What is it that I see all the time?  What is this secret skill that is missing from so many essay papers?  It’s the secret to success that can be found in any journal or essay or story when the student/writer knows how to recognize and use connective words.   Indeed, far too many of our students have no clue how to connect the ideas of their paragraphs together using transitional, connective-word phrases. 


I see it over and over again, week after week, year after year, their written papers have no continuity, no flow because they have very few connective word phrases at the beginning of their paragraphs. Consequently, there just aren’t enough “connectives” to enable the reader to follow along with the young author’s logic. So I asked myself, why aren’t these kids learning to do this – to connect together the ideas presented in their paragraphs?     


Frankly, by the time I’ve reached a good many of their second paragraphs, I’m very often TOTALLY confused as to what they’re trying to say and where they’re headed with their papers.  Time and again I ask them to reread their essays aloud so that THEY can see the lack of flow. 

Afterwards, I presented them with sample lessons contained in our latest ABSOLUTELY FREE Connective Word Resource Package INSTANT DOWNLOAD for elementary and high school students.  Subsequently, little by little, they begin to use more and better connective words at the beginning of their paragraphs until their papers, at last, begin to make sense.


Of course, the BIG PLUS for them when they start using connective word phrases at the beginning of their paragraphs is a better grade on their paper because let’s face it, whenever a paper is easy for the teacher to read through and understand, the higher of a grade that teacher is going to place on that paper. 

That’s just life – it’s the way it is.  


Teachers, Moms, Dads, the time to help our children become comfortable using connective word phrases at the beginning of their paragraphs is from 5th grade through high school, so that by the time they reach their college English classes, it’s THEIR papers that the professor enjoys grading.  


I’m delighted to say, there is now an ABSOLUTELY FREE, easy-to-use, printable teacher resource that can help our kids learn to RECOGNIZE, CHOOSE and USE connective word phrases at the beginning of their paragraphs.


Click here and check it out – it’s an ABSOLUTELY FREE DOWNLOAD RESOURCE, and it will help students learn to see, recognize, and use connective word phrases at the beginning of their paragraphs.  We chose “story starters” as our avenue to get the connective-words message through to American students.  This brand new Teaching Connective Words Package INSTANT DOWNLOAD includes so much!  

Don’t miss this one!   


Sincerely, Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics


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