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Phonics Games! Printable Phonics Games! Affordable Phonics Games!

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Did you know that approximately 62% of the English language is made up of short-vowel words and syllables? So learning to fluently sound out three-letter, short-vowel words (CVC words) gives children an immediate head start in reading!

Candy 4WAY Phonics would like to introduce you to three phonics games all  in one product to carry children from two-letter blends onto three-letter, short vowel words, ending with advanced practice adding on varied consonant endings. For just $4.97, you can purchase all Three  PDF Phonics File Folder Games!
This 3-game Phonics Package combines over 50 two-letter blends and 176 game cards that contain graduated practice in blending three-letter words with short vowels (CVC words).

Because of the number of game cards included, parents and teachers can select specific game cards to use for each game in order to “target” particular blends as well as explicit trouble spots for children. The game cards can also be used as flashcards for one-on-one practice or small-group instruction.


Here are More Details about each Game in this 3-Game Phonics Package:

THE FIRST GAME in this package gives children practice blending an initial consonant with a vowel CV blends).


THE SECOND GAME in this package gives children the review they often need to:

a)    Make a clear distinction between the short vowel sounds  

b)   Blend an initial consonant with a short vowel (CV blends) through the use of blend ladders

c)    Blend a beginning consonant/short vowel blend with an ending consonant.


THE THIRD GAME in this package gives children practice sounding out three-letter words with short vowels (CVC words) while attaching different ending consonants to each word such as can, cab, cat


At Candy 4WAY Phonics, we believe that children are gravely lacking in phonemic awareness skills. Moreover, we solidly propose that the whole idea behind the development of phonemic awareness skills is to give children all the skills necessary to sound out and authentically read three-letter CVC words with short-vowel sounds.

When children can fluently sound out any three-letter, short-vowel word, they will have developed all the beginning blending skills necessary to go on to the rest of the phonogram blends as well as long vowels, and multi-syllables.

Thus, phonetically-trained children become boys and girls who are able to read every word on every page. When those children become adults, they have no fear of approaching new words either privately or publicly. They become adept readers of any text whether it be a newspaper, a college textbook, or a lab report.


Candy 4WAY Phonics provides: 

 an affordable and COMPLETE 4WAY Systematic Phonics Curriculum

affordable PDF File Folder Phonics Games 

affordable printable Multisensory Phonics Flashcards/Wallcards 

and Various PDF Teaching Learning Resources 

all for under $10 each.  


Check us out.  Your child can learn to read every word on every page when he uses the correct systematic phonics tools. 



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics