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Phonics Game for Blending CVC Words

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Phonics Games with CVC words are extremely effective in reinforcing phonemic awareness for beginning readers.

Especially important for children is to learn:
1)  to differentiate between the distinct vowel sounds
2)  to blend a vowel with an initial consonant sound
3)  to tack on the final consonant letter sound by learning to blend all the way through CVC words.

After a child has learned the initial letter sounds, there are just two steps to reading three-letter (consonant-vowel-consonant) short-vowel words:

FIRST STEP – blend a consonant with a vowel (CV)
SECOND STEP – blending that(CV) with a final consonant(CVC)

In addition, Candy 4WAY Phonics recognizes how vital is it for children to hear and learn the distinction between the individual vowel sounds. This is why we have produced a brand new File Folder Game Resource entitled “IT IS A ?

This Phonics PDF File Folder Game uses RED color letters to show VOWELS and BLACK color letters to show CONSONANTS to help children read into the vowel and to read through the vowel to that last letter. 

Learning to distinguish between the vowel sounds is also why we are including with this  PDF file folder game our Short-vowel Multisensory Vowel Flashcards/Wallcards to print as often as you like.

Each of these five LARGE Multisensory Cards (included with the game) prints out at 8 1/2″ by 11″ and will help children, in multisensory format:

To see,

To learn,

To pronounce, and

To remember the distinction between the vowel sounds.

This brand new Phonics CVC File Folder Game is set up for 2 to 6 players. It includes 80 different game cards. As a result, children who often play IT IS A ? will be exposed to over 200 CVC words to blend.

This game, which sells for just $3.97, will set the stage for enabling children to easily transition to long-vowel words – CVCC words.

Each game card contains either a single CVC word or a CV blend with varying consonant endings.

Because this CVC phonics file folder game contains 80 different game cards, teachers and parents can also use the game cards outside game time for one-on-one or small group blending practice.

This brand new phonics file folder game – IT IS A ? – contains 20 pages giving you the game objective, the game directions, a folder tab, a folder pocket, a two-piece game board, a large rolling number cube printout, and 80 different blending game cards. 

Check it out!  IT IS A ? is a great summer resource! 

Give your child the time he needs to learn to sound out CVC words effortlessly and fluently



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAYPhonics