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FREE PHONICS FOR the Child Who Failed Reading

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Was your child

placed in a

lower-level reading group

or did he fail his grade

after being tested in reading?


Many children are receiving the DIBELS Reading Assessment Test.


So what is DIBELS, and what is the outlook for your child NOW?



DIBELS stands for “Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills” and many, many school systems are now using these tests as a measure of how their students are doing in reading, and as an identifier of students that may be “at risk.” 


Children that are considered “at risk” are those that, according to research, are most likely to possibly fail at some point in their school careers.  Therefore, extra assistance is often suggested in order to prevent such failures.


But what is that “extra assistance” going to include?  More of the samo, samo?


You hear parents and teachers say, “It’s best if your child is placed into a lower-level reading group so he can compete with others at his reading level.”


They also advise that “The smaller reading group that the struggling reader is placed into will help him “catch up.”




Smaller remedial reading groups can’t hurt, but unless they include a systematic phonics curriculum, they aren’t going to do much to improve a child’s reading skills, let alone “catch him up.”


It really doesn’t matter what test you give a child to determine his reading level because unless systematic phonics instruction will be the outcome for students struggling in reading, all the tests and reading groups in the world are not going to help that student “catch up” to the rest of the class.


HOWEVER, if that child receives systematic phonics instruction, he WILL catch up, and he will most likely PASS UP the other students in the class.




Because systematic phonics instruction teaches children how to sound out every words on every page for the rest of their lives. 


It’s just that simple. 


Teaching a child to sound out a word from left to right, enabling him with the blending knowledge of all the letter combinations WILL produce a fluent reader. 


Moms, Dads, if your child has been placed in a lower-level reading group, STOP depending upon the teachers to catch up your child in reading.


Catch up your child YOURSELF.  YOU do the catching up with him.


Give him the step-by-step phonics instruction he needed in the first place, and do not break your bank account to purchase that curriculum.


For ABSOLUTELY NO COST AT ALL  you can download an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of a COMPLETE, Systematic Phonics Curriculum that includes all of the following:


  • An 82-page eBook entitled: How to Teach Candy’s Systematic 4WAY Phonics

  • An easy-to-understand “How to Follow this Program” guide.

  • 100 4WAY Phonics daily, fun-to-read lessons (packed with rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration)

  • 20 Sequenced Candy Readers

  • Rhyming Alphabet Charts with Multisensory Vowel Helps

  • Rhyming Alphabet Flashcards

  • 10 Lifetime Rhyming Phonics Charts

  • Sequenced Phonics Drill

  • Pronunciation Keys

  • Free Email Coaching from the President of Candy 4WAY Phonics


Do your child a big favor! Give him what he needs to learn to read proficiently for the rest of his life.



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics