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Help! My Older Child Cannot Read Anymore!

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My Older Child


is Struggling to Read!


He used to read,


and now he can’t.



Dads, Moms, are you questioning why your child is doing so poorly in reading in junior high or in high school when he started out getting such great grades in reading in elementary school? 


First of all, I want you to know that this is NOT uncommon.  In fact, this is extremely common because our public school children are learning to read using the sight-word method instead of learning to read using the intensive phonics method. Thus, they are not learning to read at all; they are learning to memorize and literally guess at words.


You see, today, children in our public schools are literally taught reading by memorizing one WHOLE word at a time.  They are NOT learning to sound out the words on that page. 


Oh, they may sometimes know the first letter sound in a word, and they may sometimes know the last letter sound in a word, but they have NO CLUE about the sounds inbetween the first and the last letters in the word because they’ve NEVER been taught that they need to know those sounds.


Rather, they’ve been taught TO GUESS at what each word is by whatever part of the word they do recognize (if any part) along with the context of the rest of the words in the sentence or by the picture on the page.


Guessing is NOT reading.

Real reading involves

sounding out words.


Guessing at words and calling it reading is absolutely one of the most ridiculous cruel lies that has ever been told to parents and students and even teachers.  Moreover, our precious children can only guess at just so many words before they become COMPLETELY OVERWHELMED with guessing at the ENDLESS numbers of words in the English language.


Yes, Mom, Dad, if you’ve been reading along up to this point, you probably have already guessed what the problem is! Namely, that by the time your child hit junior high or high school, the words in his textbook get to be a great deal longer and more complicated and more unfamiliar and, therefore, much, much, much, much harder “to remember.” 

All of sudden,

the guessing game

becomes the game

a kid hates. 


That’s what happens after the fourth grade.  Your child consistently, day in and day out, comes across words that he DOESN’T KNOW, and HAS NEVER SEEN before, and that can scare a child right out of the desire to want to read anything.


As a result, after the fourth grade, almost every child that has not learned how to sound out words phonetically will begin to “shut down” in his attempts to read.  In addition, as your child gets into books with a much bigger and less “repetitive” vocabulary, the reading struggle become TOO MUCH OF A STRUGGLE. 


Today, older children who once were very good readers in the first, second, third and fourth grades are becoming POOR READERS who are NOW struggling to learn ENDLESS NUMBERS OF WORDS from sight (from guessing or from the shape of the word etc.)


Sadly, as discovered by Kathryn Diehl (Director of the Research, Reading Reform Foundation), those older children have given up trying to “read” their assignments and have learned, instead, to listen to the teacher and to attempt to remember what was said so they can give back the information on tests.  They are using their textbooks as little as possible.


So what can a parent do to help their child?  Moms, Dads, you can give your child what he needed in the first place – the chance to learn how to sound out every word on every page using step-by-step systematic phonics lesson.


The good news is, it isn’t going to cost you an arm or a leg. You can purchase a $300 program in INSTANT DOWNLOAD form for just $9.97. The Candy 4WAY Phonics Curriculum includes everything your child will need to learn to sound out every word on every page.  


Fortunately, you can do that by spending less that $10 from your pocketbook and by spending right around 30 minutes a day from your daily schedule.  Trust me, it WILL BE worth your money and your time, because reading creates successful students and successful students grow up to responsible, hard working, well-paid citizens of the United States. 

Isn’t that what you want for your child?  Don’t you want your junior high or high school or even college child to know how to read every word on every page so that he can be successful in school?


Check us out:


Here’s the bottom line. If you’re wondering why your older child cannot read anymore, it’s because he needed phonics when he first learned how to read; and he still does. Phonics will change everything! 

Dads, Moms, start your child over again.  Give him what he’s needed all along.  Sure they’re little kids lessons, so joke around about them and have fun with them in the privacy of your own kitchen table.  

Do it!  Enable your older child to read.



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics


P.S. Don’t forget to read the true phonics story of  little Candy. 

Struggle with Reading? My Child? The Solution is FREE!!!!

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Can you


really stand


watching your child


struggle with reading


 for another school year?


Don’t you remember what it was like to watch your child struggle with reading last year and the year before that and the year before that?

Don’t you remember getting those past report cards that included comments like these?


Your child has difficulty distinguishing sounds in words.


Your child needs to increase his speed and comprehension in reading.


Your child is not able to blend short words using the vowels without  assistance.


Your child is not learning to attack words independently.


Your child’s reading is jerky, hesitant, irregular, or slow.


Your child does not comprehend what he reads.


Your child is not interested in books or reading.


Your child cannot read to follow directions.


Ok, so now your child is past the time when he/she should struggle with reading.  He is past the time when he should have learned how to read every word on every page. In fact, now your child has entered that phase of school where he/she is expected to not only NOT struggle with reading, but, rather, to actually read AND COMPREHEND what the words in the textbooks say and mean – you know – those history textbooks and language textbooks and science textbooks and math story-problem textbooks.  Yes, those books.  The ones you KNOW your child struggles to read


And I’m sure you’re concerned that from this point on, your child will develop self- image problems, will fall farther and farther behind in school, will receive mediocre (at best) grades, lose any vision of ever succeeding in life or going to college or pursuing a good-paying job.  And you know that all of this naturally leads into a child choosing the wrong kinds of friends. You see, when a child advances in school and his struggle with reading remains year after year and textbook after textbook, these ARE the results you can expect.  

In fact, more than 8 million American students in grades 4 through 12 struggle to read. 





have to happen! 

Your child

does NOT

have to continue

to struggle with reading! 


YOU can change all of this for your child by simply teaching him/her how to sound out every word on every page. 


How?  By using a parent-friendly, extremely affordable, step-by-step phonics curriculum that will take both you and your child from the very beginning letter sounds to being able to sound out every word on every page.  Your student will no longer struggle with reading but will be sounding out all the words on the page, even the words he has never encountered.


Now I’m not talking about the type of reading instruction that teaches your child to memorize whole words from a word wall and then throws in a little bit of phonics. Memorizing whole words without ever learning that the letters within those words are connected to sounds is exactly why so many children in our nation struggle with reading. 


I’m talking about systematic, phonics first, step-by-step phonics – the kind of phonics that does not force children to memorize hundreds of whole words from the Dolch Sight Word List. 


I’m speaking about the kind of phonics that was still around when all the John Boy Walton’s were growing up.  I can assure you, THOSE children did not struggle with reading.  They easily sounded out all the words they encountered because they had been taught, systematically, step-by-step, how to do that.


It’s a fact, children who lived just prior to and through the Great Depression learned to read using a systematic, phonics-first curriculum in which they learned all their letter sounds, vowel sounds, and every other possible phonogram, and then they learned to blend all those letter sounds together , from left to right, in every word on every page.


Those were children who did not have to guess at words because they knew how to easily sound out words they had never seen before?


Well, you say, “phonics curriculums are fine for those parents who can afford them, but I don’t have $200 to $300 to spend for lessons and charts and readers and flashcards.”


The folks at Candy 4WAY Phonics understand this dilemma, and that’s exactly why we offer a Systematic 4WAY Phonics Curriculum that includes EVERYTHING the high-priced phonics curriculums include such as: daily, fun, step-by-step phonics lessons, phonics charts, phonics readers, phonics drill, phonics flashcards, at ABSOLUTELY NO COST.



Don’t miss this opportunity to teach your child how to read.  Make the difference.  It’s only going to cost you 20 minutes a day of working with your child, but if you don’t teach him/her to read, it WILL make all the difference in the world for his/her future success for the rest of his/her life!


Does your child still struggle with reading?  You CAN change that.  



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics