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Personally Connecting with the Text

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Homeschooling is all about convincing a child of how smart he is. Convince him of that, and he can take the other skills you give him and accomplish his desires for life. Isn’t this what made Marva Collins stand out with her students?  She believed in her students and she taught them to believe in themselves.  

Then she went on

to teach each student

how to

personally connect with the text.


I truly believe that teaching a child to read phonetically and giving a child a good grasp of the meaning of words is a fundamental basic start. However, teaching a child to CONNECT WITH THE TEXT will convince him of his true potential.


What do we mean when we talk about “connecting” with the text? Connecting with the text means that a child can personalize the meaning found in the words on the page, that he can decide how the material on the page personally affects him. It is this personalization, together with a student’s ability to grasp the meaning inbetween the words on the page as well as his ability to draw researched-based conclusions based upon those words that gives a child inferential thinking abilities.


Read all textbooks together with your child out loud as much as possible. Stop OFTEN and discuss what you read, and ask as many questions as is necessary to enable your child to personalize every section that is difficult to understand.


Encourage your child to express his ideas about what you’ve read.


Do it everyday!


Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics