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A Balanced Combination of Reading Techniques??? “Bologna!”

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Just as it is impossible to have a pluralistic society, because one value system WILL eventually reign as dominant, so we can NOT expect our children to learn to read on a consistent basis when their reading instruction is left up to “a combination of reading techniques.”

The Public Schools using the lastest and greatest “Guided Reading Techniques” will often tell parents that they ARE using phonics. They honestly believe that if you combine “phonics” with “whole language” that you can concoct a workable “one size fits all” reading approach.

My response to this is “Bologna!

I raise two questions to this ridiculous belief: Why? and How?

Why mix phonics, which is proven to work, with whole language, which has so miserably failed American students?

The answer for this mixture is because most teachers today have no idea what phonics is, for they, themselves, were trained to read using whole language.

This mixture is also taking place because many parents who are still suffering from the effects of their own inadequate reading training with whole language are DEMANDING that THEIR child get phonics in the classroom.

So the American education establishment has mixed in what is commonly called “embedded” or “implicit” phonics with their old stand-by method of Look/Say. (Note: to read more about what is meant by embedded phonics and how it completely differs from 4WAY Systematic Phonics , please click here.

How can anyone combine two completely different reading methods and expect positive results?
The answer is simple. NO ONE CAN!

You see, one reading method will be “pushed” over the other, and the reading method that is “pushed” will dominate and eliminate any effects of the other. When whole language reading techniques are used, then whole language will dominate and eliminate the effects of phonics. Let’s examine this further by defining what is meant by “WHOLE language.”

“WHOLE language” is a method wherein the teacher uses connected words in print (not individual letters or their sounds, but groups of WHOLE words printed in WHOLE sentences) to introduce a child to reading. This is how it works.

The teacher gives the child WHOLE words to memorize. The teacher writes these WHOLE words on a word wall and tells the students to memorize each WHOLE word (about 400 WHOLE words a year).  The teacher tells the children that they will be able to memorize each of these WHOLE words by either remembering the first letter of the word, or by looking at a picture on the same page as the word, or by looking at the shape of the word, or by looking at the phonogram chunk found at the end of the word.

The children are taught that if they use enough of these “clues,” they will be able to “figure out” or “guess” the word.

My response to this is “Bologna!

Why would any parent want their child to “guess” at a word?

And why would any parent want their child to memorize ONLY 400 words a year totaling ONLY 1200 words by the end of third grade using a myriad of guided reading approaches, when they could be learning to sound out (actually read) 30,000 to 40,000 words by the end of third grade using a time-proven systematic 4WAY Phonics approach?

Doesn’t it make more sense to believe that parents truly desire that their child be able to read and blend together all the letters in every word they encounter?

You see, when a child can sound out a word from left to right, then you KNOW that “Here is a child that can actually read!”

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Children need to read – really read – EVERY word on EVERY page.

Parents, you can make that happen for YOUR younger child!

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Carol Kay, President
Candy 4WAY Phonics