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Are you looking for an affordable, easy-to-use, printable phonics curriculum? 


Are you hoping you can find a printable phonics curriculum that really does include everything you’ll need to enable your child to sound out all the words on the page?   


More and more of our children are falling behind in reading, and parents are becoming concerned, especially when they watch their child continue to struggle in reading even after reaching the 3rd or 4th grade. 


The fact is, America is loaded with children who struggle terribly in reading.  More than 8 million children in grades 4 through 12 are struggling to read.  Sadly, 1 out of 4 high school students presently reads far below grade level


So more and more Moms and Dads need help to make certain their child can read, and they need that help “now.”


That’s what the Candy 4WAY Phonics Curriculum is all about.  It’s an affordable 4WAY Phonics Curriculum that’s available as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD that includes everything: 100 step-by-step, daily, systematic phonics lessons, rhyming phonics charts, sequenced phonics readers, continuous phonics drill, multisensory helps, free email coaching, and so much more!


Here’s what others are saying about the Candy 4WAY Phonics choice for their children and their grandchildren:

“We purchased the INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program. It’s fantastic. We only paid $9.97 and we got EVERYTHING. We got phonics charts and lessons and readers and instruction ebooks. I am using it with my two grandaughters who were way behind in reading. They’re all caught up now and way ahead in reading. The neat thing about the program — you can print it off brand new for every child you want to teach reading to. I will be using it for all the rest of my grandchildren as well. My girlfriend purchased it last summer for her grandkids — that’s how I heard about it; just type it into Google and you’ll find it.” (A Caring Grandmother)


“The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program has especially put the words ‘can read’ into my son’s life. You see, my son was in the first grade at the bottom of his class in all subject areas. My son couldn’t read. But now, he can read, just like Candy. Our son learned to read every word on the page using this phonics program.   He went from the bottom of his class to the top of his class in all subject areas. This year, in 2nd grade, he won 10 reading awards and he scored 100 reading points beyond any other 2nd-grade child in his school (not just in his class, but in his whole school)! My son deserved to be taught to read in the correct way. All I can say is, if you follow the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program step by step, IT WORKS!”  (A Happy Mom)


“I just wanted to thank you for the Candy 4 Way Phonics Program. My 8-year old daughter was really struggling with reading, and after buying at least 5 different phonics and reading programs, I was getting as confused as she was about phonics! I found your website and the price was what prompted me to try it. I bought the download, printed it and started her and her younger sister on Candy 4 Way Phonics. I can only say Thank you! Thank you! Thank You! This is finally making sense for all of us, even to this homeschooling mom! My daughter went from being reluctant about reading and guessing words to sounding them out. It makes sense to her. I praise the Lord for guiding me to your site.”  (A Homeschooling Parent)


“We are using the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program. As a result, our oldest daughter, Hallie, 7 years old, is reading. Collin, 4 years old, is beginning to read, and now even Ethen, 3 years old, can pronounce the sound of every letter in the alphabet correctly. Try it, use it, it works!”    (A Homeschooling Dad)


Moms and Dads, your child could be learning to read every word on every page. 

For just $9.97  you can purchase an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the entire Candy 4WAY Phonics Curriculum that includes all of the following: 

1)  An 82-page eBook entitled: How to Teach Candy’s Systematic 4WAY Phonics

2)  100 Daily, step-by-step 4WAY Phonics Lessons loaded with fun rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration

3)  Candy Sequenced Story Readers interwoven into the daily lessons 

4)  Colored Alphabet Rhyming Phonics Charts with Multisensory Vowel Helps

5)  Colored Rhyming Alphabet Flashcards

6) Colored Lifetime Rhyming Phonics Charts to give your child a lifetime of phonogram retention.

7)  Continuous Daily Phonics Drill

8)  FREE e-mail coaching


Candy 4WAY Phonics is a 4WAY Phonics approach written for today’s parents and children. 


It’s that same phonics approach that taught a little girl named, Candy, who struggled in reading, how to read every word on every page.   


Candy 4WAY Phonics is a complete, systematic 4WAY Phonics curriculum. 


– It’s parent/friendly!   – It’s affordable!   – It’s printable!   – It works!


And it’s available now, as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD, for less than $10.

Moms, Dads, your child could be learning to read effortlessly, sounding out every word on every page!  


Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics