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QUESTION: What should a printable systematic phonics reader do for a child?

ANSWER: A systematic phonics reader should show a child what he has already learned, give him extra practice reading phonetically, and prove to the child that he can read. 

QUESTION: So how are Candy 4WAY Phonics Readers different from other story readers?

ANSWER:   Candy 4WAY Phonics Readers  are different from other story readers in 5 BIG ways:

1) Letter sounds and blends contained on the pages of each phonics reader are learned by the child BEFORE he reads the story. For just $9.97, parents are purchasing a COMPLETE Printable Systematic Phonics Curriculum that includes sequenced phonics readers that follow after every five daily phonics lessons (100 systematic phonics lessons – 20 sequenced colored phonics readers). 

2) Candy Story Readers are used after the child has already learned every sound in every word of each reader.  So children are reading stories that they are capable of reading with ease plus a measure of fluency.  Candy readers convince children they are smart, that they are, indeed, learning to read. 

3) Rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration, a key element of many Candy Phonics Readers, makes learning to read more fun!

4) Small stories build into longer stories as children move on to read sentences containing connective words and complex connective words (subordinate clauses, infinitive phrases, and participial phrases.)   Therefore, Candy Phonics Readers, unlike other phonics programs, progress from six pages up to twenty-nine pages depending upon where a child is in his daily phonics lessons

5) Sentences containing varied connective-word sentence openers introduce children to higher level reading abilities (fourth grade reading level and well beyond).  Studies clearly demonstrate that when children DO receive these types of complex sentence structures, they are better able  to express complex ideas, to paint word pictures, and to convey complex relationships.

Click here to read more about Candy Phonics Readers and to skim through Candy Story Reader samples!


Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics