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Mom, Dad, ever heard this one before?

“You can keep your kids reading during the summer.”


That grand piece of information usually continues on with:

“Mom, Dad, without your help, your kids are more likely to forget what they learned in reading last year.”


Well, Mom and Dad,

if your son or daughter CAN’T READ,

those articles won’t be of much use to you,

but summer phonics will be of use to you.

What do I mean by that? 



Let’s face it, an article like:   “How to Keep Kids Reading During the Summer” is NOT going to help if your child never learned how to sound out every word on every page. 

Let’s face it, an article like:  “How to Get Your Kids Psyched for Summer Reading” is NOT going to do your child a scrap of good if he can’t read in the first place. 


INSTEAD, let’s change the article title to say this:


“Mom, Dad, why not teach your child


during the summer

using a summer phonics program


because without your help,

your son or daughter

may NEVER learn

how to sound out

all the words on the page?” 


Now, THERE’S A TITLE that will help you! It’s a lengthy title, but it can change your child’s life. 

It can help you because if your child doesn’t know how to read and you have not heard from a neurologist that there’s anything wrong with him, then he’s probably NOT had systematic phonics instruction. 

And Systematic, step-by-step phonics is the answer!


So fill in the gap!

Mom, Dad,


– Give your child systematic, step-by-step phonics!

– Teach your child how to sound out all the words he encounters!

– Don’t count on the school or on the teachers!

– Your patience and follow thru and caring and love and a good, FREE SYSTEMATIC PHONICS CURRICULUM systematic phonics program are all you need.

 Do it yourself!


Oh, but you might say:

a) I don’t have the skills to teach my child how to sound out words! or

b) I don’t have the time to do that! or

c) I wouldn’t know where to begin! or

d) I can’t afford elaborate phonics reading materials!


a) Well, Mom, Dad, you DO have the skills to do that if you’re willing to be a fellow learner with your student.

b) Mom, Dad, you DO have the time to do that if you set aside 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening, Monday through Friday. That’s all that’s required.

c) Mom, Dad, you CAN know where to begin because the Candy 4WAY Phonics teaches both you and your child, step-by-step, lesson by lesson, how to sound out every word on every page from K-4 all the way through a 4th grade reading level and higher.

d) Mom, Dad, you CAN afford a COMPLETE, step-by-step phonics curriculum because our INSTANT DOWNLOAD is ABSOLUTELY FREE and it includes an audio file in which you can year all 100 lessons read aloud word for word.    


Don’t let your child go through another school year without knowing how to read EVERYTHING put in front of him. 

If YOU teach him how to sound out words, then next summer, you will be able to CONTINUE his reading skills by taking him to the library to check out ANY book he wants to read because he’ll be able to actually READ IT! 

Check us out! 

Candy 4WAY Phonics

Parents really CAN make the difference in their child’s reading skills



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics