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Preschool Phonics! Preschool Reading! Teaching Preschoolers How to Read!

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Free Phonics Resources are not the only thing you’ll find at our site.  At Candy 4WAY Phonics, we believe that the purpose for an AFFORDABLE – just $7.97 – Preschool Phonics Program should be to build into children all the skills necessary for them to be sounding out and authentically reading three-letter words by the time they begin kindergarten. 


We do NOT believe that children should begin their reading adventure by memorizing words from the Dolch Sight Word List.  We believe that children as young as three years old, given ample, systematic phonemic awareness training,  are capable of emerging into readers who will confidently know that they can read every word on every page.



Therefore, we want to enable you to work Systematic 4WAY Phonics into your Preschool Program.


So for just $7.97 you can have an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the Candy 4WAY Phonics PRESCHOOL Program which includes:


1) Candy’s 31 Multisensory LARGE A to Z Flashcards/Wall Cards (with multisensory vowel helps)

2) Candy’s 82-page eBook: How to Teach Candy’s Systematic 4WAY Phonics  

3) How to Follow Candy’s 4WAY Phonics Preschool Program

4) Multisensory Vowel Helps to teach preschoolers to distinguish between the vowel sounds

5) Rhyming Alphabet Phonics Charts that carry a child right up to the Daily Preschool 4WAY Phonics Lessons

6) 25 Step-by-step Daily 4WAY Phonics Preschool Lessons – Click here to see samples of our Preschool Step-bystep Daily Phonics Lessons.  

7) Sequenced Preschool Lesson Drill Sheets to provide continuous review  

8) A Preschooler’s First Reader

9) Farmer Dan’s Critters Games are included with the Preschool Package (these two games lead children through 3-letter, short vowel words and are also sold separately)

10) Achievement Awards Certificates


After completing the Candy 4WAY Phonics Preschool Package, preschool children will be “way ahead of the game.” Having gained the skills to sound out

3-letter, short vowel words, preschoolers will be ready to begin the SECOND level of the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program that will take them all the way through 4th grade and higher reading level.


Click Here to read more about this fabulous Preschool Systematic 4WAY Phonics INSTANT DOWNLOAD Program for just $7.97



Carol Kay, President

 Candy 4WAY Phonics