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Printable Phonics Program for Older Children and Adults Who Struggle in Reading

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Parents and Teachers, 

Here’s a Printable, 

Affordable, Almost Free,  

 Reading Phonics Program 

for Struggling Readers 

to Learn to Read and Spell! 


Candy 4WAY Phonics is an affordable phonics program available online that  gives parents and teachers the materials they need to teach reading and spelling to adults and students in elementary, middle school, high school and to ESL students.

What’s more, with the affordable Candy 4WAY Phonics CD-Rom program (which includes an audio CD-Rom of all 100 lessons), struggling readers can hear every word of every lesson read aloud as they learn to read at home or at school with printable phonics lessons, phonics readers, phonics charts, phonics flashcards, and phonics drill. 


Moreover, many of our phonics materials are free online.


That’s not all!  When you become a Facebook Fan of Candy 4WAY Phonics, you can also obtain further Phonics FREEBIES


Parents, step-by-step systematic, explicit phonics lessons lead children to better reading fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension.  This is why the folks at Candy 4WAYPhonics desire that ALL children have the opportunity to learn to read every word on every page. 


Parents, if you would like an affordable, COMPLETE phonics curriculum to use with your young student, or if you’re grieved because your older son or daughter cannot read, DON’T GIVE UP!  


Moms, Dads, Grandpas, Grandmas, there is an answer for children who struggle in reading!  Please read the true story of little Candy, a struggling reader who’s life was changed because someone gave her the skills to read every word on every page. 


A child who has spent his days with the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program , systematically gaining the skills to sound out every word he encounters by daily studying and learning to blend all the letter combinations that make up words, will have mastered the skills necessary to sound out an estimated 30,000 words by the end of 3rd grade and over 40,000 words by the end of fourth grade. 


Give your student the opportunity to learn to read with an affordable, COMPLETE,  reading phonics program. 


 4WAY Phonics works!



Carol Kay, President
Candy 4WAY Phonics 

Does Phonics Work?

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Let me begin by saying that when it comes to reading, Phonics Makes a Mammoth Difference! Yes! Phonics works!


What is Phonics? 

Phonics is learning how to recognize and blend together the sounds of letters.  For example, when a child sees a word such as bracelet, if he has learned Phonics, he will break the word apart in his mind like this:  

 br    ace    let.  

He will be able to blend together the letters br

He will know that the letter a says its own name because of the silent e at the end of that word part. 

He will know that the letter c says the  s-s-s-s sound because it comes before the letter e

He will know that the letter e in let says its short sound because he has had tons of practice reading three-letter, short-vowel words and word parts (CVC Words). 

Finally, a Phonics student will be able to blend all of those word parts together to read the word bracelet the first time he encounters the word.


How does Phonics enable a child to read all the words on the page?

A Phonics student will not struggle with a word such as bracelet.  He will be able to sound it out even if he’s never seen the word before because he will have completed a Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Curriculum and mastered each daily phonics lesson within that curriculum before he’s gone on to the next lesson.


Phonics students have taken the time necessary to learn all the possible letter blends within words.  They have mastered these blends step-by-step, one day at a time, using a step-by-step, user/friendly, systematic, synthetic phonics curriculum.


Phonics students know that each letter can have many sounds, but they also know that when some letters are combined with other letters, they can make different sounds. Phonics students have learned the sounds that letters make alone and the sounds that letters make when they are combined with other letters.


How is Phonics different from the “look say” method of reading? 

The “look say” reading method teaches a child to memorize whole words.  It does not teach a child the individual sounds within words or how to blend those sounds together.  Sadly, after a child has memorized about 2,000 words, his brain simply cannot remember any more words.  This is devastating, because by the end of the fourth grade, children need to be able to read between 30,000 and 40,000 words.  Phonics students have no problem reading this many words, because they can blend together the parts that make up words


How is Phonics different from the Whole Language Method of Teaching Reading?

The Whole Language Method teaches children to guess at words by their shape, by the first letter, by recognizing random word parts, or by the context of the rest of the words on the page.  In contrast, Phonics students do not need to guess at words.  Phonics students do not need to figure out a word by the context of the sentence or by the shape of a word or by recognizing a word part inside the word.  Phonics students can read through unfamiliar words by blending all the word parts together from left to right.   


Do struggling readers do better with Phonics? 

Struggling readers stop struggling to read after they have learned all the phonics blends.  Being able to sound out all the parts of words puts an end to struggling readers.  


At what age should Phonics Instruction begin?

Parents are the best judge for when their child needs to begin reading instruction, but children can begin reading instruction as young as 3 or 4 years old.  Three year olds can begin learning to hear the sounds of letters within words through rhyming games and multisensory letter cards.  A child as young as 4 years old can learn to blend sounds together to form three-letter, short-vowel words (CVC words).  Some children who are 4 years old have been able to read multi-syllable words at a 1st grade reading level especially if they were taken through phonemic awareness and early blending skills with a systematic phonics preschool reading program.


How much do Systematic, Synthetic Phonics Curriculums cost?   

Phonics curriculums that include daily, systematic phonics lessons, multisensory help, phonics readers and phonics charts can cost parents as much as $300 to $400 dollars.  You can say it!  Ouch!

Some Phonics curriculums that include just the daily lessons can cost as little as $35.

However, there is one Phonics Curriculum that includes everything for as little as $9.97


Candy 4WAY Phonics includes all of the following for as little as $9.97:

*Easy-to-understand Instructions
*Systematic, Daily Phonics Lessons
*Multisensory Vowel Helps
*Sequenced Phonics Readers
*Continuous, Spiral Phonics Drill
*Fun Phonics Lessons and Stories
*Rhyming Alphabet Charts
ifetime Rhyming Phonics Charts – and so much more!


Where can I find an affordable systematic, synthetic, explicit, intensive phonics curriculum like the one described above?

That’s what Candy 4WAY Phonics is all about.  Candy 4WAY Phonics was developed to make systematic phonics affordable for everyone. 

Click here to read the true story of a little girl named Candy, and to find out about the phonics curriculum that enabled little Candy to progress from being the worst reader in her reading group to being the best reader in her reading group.



Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics

To see all of our phonics resources including:  multisensory flashcards, fun phonics games, an audio phonics pronunciation CD-rom, a preschool systematic phonics package, and much more,
Click Here.








Preschool Phonics! Preschool Reading! Teaching Preschoolers How to Read!

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Free Phonics Resources are not the only thing you’ll find at our site.  At Candy 4WAY Phonics, we believe that the purpose for an AFFORDABLE – just $7.97 – Preschool Phonics Program should be to build into children all the skills necessary for them to be sounding out and authentically reading three-letter words by the time they begin kindergarten. 


We do NOT believe that children should begin their reading adventure by memorizing words from the Dolch Sight Word List.  We believe that children as young as three years old, given ample, systematic phonemic awareness training,  are capable of emerging into readers who will confidently know that they can read every word on every page.



Therefore, we want to enable you to work Systematic 4WAY Phonics into your Preschool Program.


So for just $7.97 you can have an INSTANT DOWNLOAD of the Candy 4WAY Phonics PRESCHOOL Program which includes:


1) Candy’s 31 Multisensory LARGE A to Z Flashcards/Wall Cards (with multisensory vowel helps)

2) Candy’s 82-page eBook: How to Teach Candy’s Systematic 4WAY Phonics  

3) How to Follow Candy’s 4WAY Phonics Preschool Program

4) Multisensory Vowel Helps to teach preschoolers to distinguish between the vowel sounds

5) Rhyming Alphabet Phonics Charts that carry a child right up to the Daily Preschool 4WAY Phonics Lessons

6) 25 Step-by-step Daily 4WAY Phonics Preschool Lessons – Click here to see samples of our Preschool Step-bystep Daily Phonics Lessons.  

7) Sequenced Preschool Lesson Drill Sheets to provide continuous review  

8) A Preschooler’s First Reader

9) Farmer Dan’s Critters Games are included with the Preschool Package (these two games lead children through 3-letter, short vowel words and are also sold separately)

10) Achievement Awards Certificates


After completing the Candy 4WAY Phonics Preschool Package, preschool children will be “way ahead of the game.” Having gained the skills to sound out

3-letter, short vowel words, preschoolers will be ready to begin the SECOND level of the Candy 4WAY Phonics Program that will take them all the way through 4th grade and higher reading level.


Click Here to read more about this fabulous Preschool Systematic 4WAY Phonics INSTANT DOWNLOAD Program for just $7.97



Carol Kay, President

 Candy 4WAY Phonics