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Free Phonics When American Kids Can’t Read

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Our National

Reading Report Card

is Failing Kids!


The Nation’s Report Card Shows Terrible Scores For Reading – ONLY 38% of seniors read above grade level and 25% of seniors read BELOW grade level.


Honestly, I can’t believe the NAEP even has enough guts to publish it.  The result is THAT bad!


Just in case you have been led to believe that the public school Common Core standards are producing reading levels for our children that are going up, that are getting better, think again. 


The dreadful results of our children’s reading levels are horrifically alarming and chock-full of present and future dismay.


 National Assessment of Educational Progressaverage scores for fourth and eight grade reading are disgusting. Only 34 percent of students were rated reading “proficient.” 

However, the worst part of the results is this: they’re being played by our educational establishment as “school success” instead of being reported for what they truly are:

a national school fiasco in literacy instruction.”


 Am I exaggerating? Sadly, no, I’m not. 


Look at the results, and YOU DECIDE.  Is this what you want for your child?



 The latest stats tell us that a whopping 64% of fourth graders are NOT reading at grade level.


The news is horrible at the older grades, too. By the time our present-day students complete the 8th grade, just before they enter high school, 66% of them are NOT reading at grade level.


That’s the bad news.  Would you like to hear some good news?


Our reading problem

is really simple to fix.


In fact, our nation’s reading problem is just as easy to fix as it was for a little girl named Candy who started out as the worst reader in her reading group.


Click here to read Candy’s True Story, and stop waiting on your child’s school to teach your child to how to read.  Your child can learn to sound out every word on every page.


Dads, Moms, make certain YOUR son knows how to proficiently sound out every word on every page for the rest of his life.


Make certain YOUR daughter knows how to proficiently sound out every word on every page for the rest of her life.


There is a step by step,



parent friendly,





Systematic Phonics Curriculum






Carol Kay, President
Candy 4WAY Phonics

Free Phonics Solves the Crime of Illiteracy

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so much crime these days,


and yet


we miss the crime


right in front of our noses.




What is that crime?


That crime is


allowing our children


to struggle in reading.


The result of that crime


is illiteracy. 




The fact is, our children aren’t learning how to sound out every word on every page so they can become proficient, life-long readers, yet they and their parents are being told in the 1st through 3rd grades that their child is reading “just fine.” 


It’s humiliating for a child to be told he can read and then reach the 4th grade and find out that he can’t read. 

It’s like giving someone false hope – a false belief – and that’s a crime! 

Hope deferred


makes the heart sick,


but a longing fulfilled


is a tree of life.


(Proverbs 13:12) 


Allowing whole generations of children to become lifetime struggling readers is a crime. It’s a crime that’s been around since our school systems bought into whole-word, sight-reading methods of reading instruction. Sight reading leaves big gaps in reading education because it leaves the decoding process at the mercy of a child’s guesswork.


I am the author of The Candy 4WAY Phonics Curriculum,  a 4WAY Phonics program updated specifically for today’s parents and based upon a 4WAY Phonics method that’s been around since the 1950’s. Believe me when I say that just like a little girl named Candy, who lived in a small town in Iowa back in the 1950’s, children who are given the chance to read using a correct systematic, intensive 4WAY Phonics program CAN learn to read.  When we give our children the knowledge to sound out every word on every page, it’s like giving them “a tree of life.” 


Click here to read the TRUE STORY of a little girl named Candy.  Candy couldn’t read, and then, just six months later, she COULD; and your child can have the same happy ending as little Candy.   


Parents, if your child is struggling with reading, please try systematic 4WAY phonics before you allow your levels of frustration to peak!


Just like little Candy, who left her look/say reading group as the POOREST reader in the class to attend systematic phonics lessons in a little white cottage behind the school, and then returned to her regular classroom as the BEST reader in her reading group, your child can learn to read, too, by using a proper systematic phonics program. Soon, your child could be reading fun stories written with connective words, stories that allow Moms and Dads and their children to talk, compare, evaluate, and make inferences.


Parents, really, you have nothing to lose, but your child has everything to gain!


The COMPLETE Candy 4WAY Phonics Curriculum, Ages 4 thru 10, is now available in printable, INSTANT DOWNLOAD format as well as AUDIO LESSONS READ ALOUD for ABSOLUTELY FREE.  

In His Service,

Carol Kay