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Does Your Child Hate Reading Logs?

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Hundreds of thousands of parents are hearing their child tell them that they “hate” reading and that they hate filling out reading logs. 


Unfortunately, it’s the children who struggle in reading who are asked to document their reading by filling out those dreaded reading logs. 


Even more sad is the fact that hundreds of thousands of children who have fallen behind in reading this past year are going to be encouraged to go through the Reading Recovery Program.  They will be given lessons reading many little books with tons of whole sight words to memorize from the Dolch Sight Word List.


They will be told to read 2 or 3 familiar books and then to reread the same predictable words in whatever book they read the day before.  


Countless numbers of parents have signed reading log after reading log only to discover that their child still could not read every word on every page. 


Reading Recovery students will never be given what they truly need in order to actually catch up in reading.  


You see, one well-known problem with Reading Recovery is that Reading Recovery does not include systematic, explicit, synthetic phonics, and systematic phonics has been clearly defined by the National Reading Panel as absolutely necessary for a child to catch up in reading 


So, Mom, would you like to make some real progress with your child in reading this summer?  I will tell you that real progress will not happen with a reading recovery program.  In fact, if your child struggled in reading this past school year, then, Mom, Dad, I emphatically believe that YOU can catch your child up in reading!  What’s more, you can do it for less $10 and in just two 15-minute, one-on-one reading segments a day! 


You see, little Candy learned to read, and YOUR child can learn to read, too! Your child could be learning to blend together all the letters in the word, reading every word on every page, skimming through connective words and complex sentence openers, and progressing into inferential thinking.


YES, all of that can happen with YOUR child!  However, your child will need two VITAL tools to entice him onto that exciting journey:

1) He will need to use a tested systematic phonics reading system.

2) He will need a reading teacher who intensely and emotionally cares about his reading progress.  That means that your child needs YOU as his reading teacher.


Your little one does NOT need a village or a certified teacher to learn to read! 

Your child just needs a mom (or a dad) who is willing to become a fellow learner with their child.  That’s because God has designed PARENTS to instruct their own children in the foundational basics needed to get along in life.




Of course, for the most part, a parent’s one-on-one instruction in any subject area will produce better results than group instruction. Reading, however, is the entire foundation of learning!  Therefore, reading is best taught to a child one-on-one by his parent.

It has been my teaching experience that our society has been fed a list of FIVE terrible, terrible “reading” liesFollowing are a list those lies countered with THE TRUTH. 


1.) LIE NUMBER ONE – Teaching reading is difficult

THE TRUTH?  The subject of reading is not difficult to learn or teach.  With patience and a correct 4WAY Phonics system, learning to read can be fun and fullfilling for parent and child.


2.) LIE NUMBER TWO – Teaching a child to read can only be accomplished by a trained professional.

THE TRUTH?  Parents make THE BEST teachers for their child.


3.) LIE NUMBER THREE – Teaching a child to read requires the knowledge of a combination of several reading methods.

THE TRUTH?  Teaching a child to read requires the knowledge of only one 4WAY Phonics system for reading.


4.) LIE NUMBER FOUR –Parents and others who decide to invest in reading materials must be prepared to pay a pretty penny for those materials.

THE TRUTH?  Reading material should not be expensive. A consistent, time-proven reading system is all that is needed to create a good reader. The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program is a time-proven, complete K4 thru 4th Grade 4WAY Phonics Program, and it’s designed for PARENTS and sold at a price PARENTS can afford!  For less than $10, you can purchase an entire systematic 4WAY Phonics Program (100 lessons, 20 colored story readers, multisensory tools, rhyming colored charts, pronunciation keys,  phonics drill) — EVERYTHING!


5.) LIE NUMBER FIVE – A parent who does not know phonics cannot teach a child to read phonetically.

THE TRUTH?  Parents who don’t know phonics make THE BEST teachers, because they know their child’s feelings and fears!  Parents know that if their child learns to read, he will  feel smart.  All children need to feel smart!   

So how can Moms (and Dads) make that difference in their child’s reading ability?  To begin, Moms can select the one reading system that has NEVER failed to work in any language or in any country or in any time period. To read more click here.

Happy Reading! 

 Carol Kay, President,

Candy 4WAY Phonics


Older Child Struggles with Reading Label

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Kids hate labels.

Labels should

be eliminated!


Too often, children become labeled by a teacher or a school system as a student with a learning disability, or with a behavior problem, or with hyperactive tendencies when in reality, the culprit is ineffective teaching.  While this prevails far too often in the public school classroom, we have to make certain that as parents, these kinds of labels and beliefs about our children do not take place in our own homeschools.


Marva Collins once said, “We live in a label-conscious society where people are forever trying to categorize and classify each other.  We tend to overuse terms like ‘learning disability,’ ‘developmental disabilities,’ ‘behavior disorder,’ and ‘hyperactive,’ bandying them about until they are stretched beyond validity.  A child who fidgets in his seat isn’t necessarily hyperactive.  Maybe that child is bored.  Maybe that child doesn’t know how to do the work and is afraid to ask for help.  Or maybe that child is just active.”

Many a parent has pulled their child out of an American school to stop such labeling and to give their child all the attention and help that he/she deserves.  One thought each parent needs to hold dear is this:  “Believe in your child!”  We must be absolutely convinced that we will reach our children, that they can learn what they need to know.  We must never give up!

Often, I receive emails from parents explaining to me that their child has reached an older age of nine or ten or twelve, and they still cannot read.  I begin by asking them questions such as, “Has your child gone through a systematic phonics program?   If not, what kind of reading training has he/she had?” 

Most of the time the answer to this question is that the child has received no systematic phonics training, or that the child has been told that he’s slow or just needs more time to learn to read.  Did you know that it takes a minimum of 13 words of praise to counteract one insult that a child hears?  I love explaining to parents that their child does not need more time, but that he/she just needs an effective, systematic phonics approach given daily by a loving, caring, determined parent who believes in their child and in his ability

If only we would take the time to experience and ponder in our minds how much “failure” our child has felt or how many demeaning comments our child has already heard from well-meaning people who know nothing of the power of encouragement coupled with an effective curriculum. 

At Candy 4WAY Phonics we believe in children!  We believe that if parents are given an affordable, step-by-step phonics curriculum and email support from us, that their child will learn to read every word on every page. 

Just like a little girl named, Candy, who’s true story has touched the minds and hearts of so many caring parents this past year, Mom, Dad, your child needs the opportunity to fill in the gaps, to catch up in reading, to learn to read confidently and fluently, to receive the training he/she deserves to be able to read every word on every page.

Check us out.  The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program includes EVERYTHING:  Daily step-by-step lessons, rhyming alphabet phonics charts, multisensory vowel helps, sequenced story readers,  teachers guides, spelling rules, reading practice in all forms of written expression, fun lessons packed with rhyme, rhythm, and alliteration, lifetime rhyming phonics charts, and one-on-one email coaching forjust $9.97 as an INSTANT DOWNLOAD.  When your child is finished with all 100 phonics lessons he/she will be able to read past a 4th grade reading level and be able to sound out over 30,000 words

We encourage you to contact us free of charge with your phonics/reading questions, or just visit our website for free phonics resources, articles, and 4WAY Phonics products.

By the way, if you haven’t read little Candy’s true story, it’s really a neat story! 


Carol Kay, President

Candy 4WAY Phonics

U.S. Literacy – So Many in the United States Cannot Read. There is a Solution!

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do you personally know even just one of the 11 million adults in this nation that cannot read the English language? 


I’m asking you this because if you DO know of an adult who cannot read or an adult who struggles to read, this means that they do not have the skills they need to handle many everyday life tasks such as reading menus or grocery boxes, enjoying magazine articles or good books, understanding a bus schedule or the directions on a prescription label.


What I find appalling, however, is the fact that there are no reports indicating that adult literacy has risen in the United States since the last report published in 2003 stating that “the proportion of adults with high literacy skills fell from 20 percent in 1994 down to 14 percent.”


Folks, that’s just disgusting! After all, we live in the United States of America!  We pour billions of dollars every year into our educational programs, and for what?  So that 11 million adults in our nation can continue to NOT READ??? 


So that 11 million adults in our nation can continue to feel dumb,” when in reality, they are probably brilliant???


If you are one of these adults and someone is reading this article to you, did you know that adults who DO have the ability to read made an average yearly salary of $50,700 in 2003, and that those same statistics tell us that those lucky folks made approximately $28,000 more than you made that same year — simply because they could read and you couldn’t?


Are you getting bothered yet?  Are you getting bothered enough to do something about it? 





You can teach yourself, at your own dining room table, how to sound out every word on every page!    


If you have a computer with audio sound capabilities, then for ABSOLUTELY FREE you can download the Candy 4way Phonics Lessons as well as the Audio Download where you can hear all 100 step by step lessons read aloud.  Candy 4WAY Phonics  that employs the same 4WAY Phonics Method  that was used to teach a little girl named Candy how to read back in the 1950’s.  It will take you step-by-step through 100 daily phonics lessons until you can sound out every word on every page. 


The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program will start you out with basic letter sounds and carry you all the way through every blend, every phonogram, every sight word until you’ve lost all of your fear of reading.  You see,  Candy 4WAY Phonics is NOT more of the same “reading drudgery” that you’ve already had. 


As an adult, you probably went through a school system that taught you to read by memorizing whole words placed on word walls or found in books that repeated the same words over and over and over and over again.  At Candy 4WAY Phonics we believe this type of reading approach is hogwash 

Reading should begin with learning the basic alphabet sounds and learning to blend those sounds together from left to right. After you’ve learned all the sounds of the letters and after you’ve spent time with the 100 Daily Phonics Lessons learning to blend those sounds together within words, then you will no longer be afraid to approach new words, because you’ll be able to sound out all the words you come to from left to right even if you’ve never seen the words before. 


With Candy 4WAY Phonics you will learn to sound out words one step at a time, one lesson at a time, until you’ve learned all the sounds and all the blends that make up all words.


In addition, with the ABSOLUTELY FREE Candy 4WAY Phonics Audio Download you won’t have to guess at what the letters and blends sound like, because you’ll be able to hear all of them read aloud on every Daily 4WAY Phonics LessonYou might need a little help to read the directions that come with the program, just to get yourself started, but after that, you’ll be able to actually hear every word and every blend, and every sentence read aloud on every page of the 100 daily phonics lessons – eliminating all the guesswork about what the letters and blends are supposed to sound like


Please, don’t spend the rest of your life not knowing how to read.  When you’re finished with The Candy 4WAY Phonics Program, you will not only know how to read, but after practicing your reading for a couple of years after that, you’ll be able to read better than most of the people you know



Carol Kay, President
Candy 4WAY Phonics