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Summer fun, I can hear it now!

People always ask me if we school through the summer. The answer is yes but differently. In the summer it’s a passion free for all. We use our time “off” to really dig deep into where the guys have the most interest. For us it’s art. My mother is an artist and instructor at a State university. Needless, they have grown up drawing, painting, creating with abandoned.

My son Owen has his own comic strip Mr. Mushroom. It follows our fungus formed magical paint brush toting hero as he confronts bad dreams, monsters, and heat waves. He came up with this on his own during the Homeschool Association of California Conference last August. Since then he has gone on many adventures and is currently facing off with a squirrel that is trying to take is home, a giant acorn.

Gene is the Manga master. He started drawing from the get go. I still have a green marker on blue paper that he drew at age two. He spends these days creating his own supplemental characters to his favorite video games, anime cartoons, and his own stories. He is now so picky, that he regularly goes through his works and takes out items that are now non standard. I think they are all great. 

They do so much more than drawing, or painting. The talk, plan, write, and think. It’s that last one that is so important. Really using their brains, getting into story arcs, character development, motivation, all kinds of things that make stories engaging and relevant. 

Over the years I’ve heard their growing up in the words that they say. It is wonderful to be near by listening. From the early days of Pokémon catching fruit and robots finding missing parts, to the rise of Mario, and now Meerkats as warriors. I am so proud of their creativity, self direction, and humor. They are birds set free to fly. I love to watch them soar.