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The More Things Change

Hands off. That is what I get a lot now that I have a teen and a tween. It is so difficult to give that up. I remember them being little and needing me to be there to see them, help them, listen to them. Now they want me make the snacks and then go do something else.

While this bothered me for a long time, it was a long time on the horizon. I see it now from another perspective. They are so confident and comfortable that they can handle things on their own. I started to see them as these capable young men. I am in a new sense of awe around them. 

When I mulled over things in my mind, they’ve always been this way. “Mom, mom, look at me.” I look. “Now go do something else.” Over and over an now what they do is so much more than stack blocks, or climb a ladder. Now they solve complex equations, write comics, use the computer create animated art.

I always think it’s new. How silly. They are just more. As always, the more my hands are off, the more they are working on it. The it evolves over time. It changes but it stays the same. I will always have those two little boys and I can see them in the young men they are becoming. They may be changing but some part is still the same, I love that.