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Thin is for pizza crust and body weight

Have you ever spread yourself a little too thin? I recently did a bit to much and failed at most of it. I spend the last month or two looking for a job, doing laundry, walking dogs, writing a novella, two blogs,teaching ESL to my neighbors, gardening, and so much more. Yes is good but too much yes is bad.

The danger is that I have Fibromyalgia and chronic pain (resulting form arthritis, and spin things). I did very well going to classes in pain management. Then like with many other things, I stopped doing my routine. I didn’t need to pace myself. I was feeling great! I could a few more things. The few more things turned into a lot more. 

I was so thin I tore apart. Great holes in my energy level developed. I ended up with pain so bad I spent three days in bed. This was not good and not necessary. I know what makes me feel good and stay on track. It occureed to me that I do the same with homeschooling.

We would get into these trends of doing things every day. High energy learning weeks followed by weeks of blah. Pacing is for more than chronic pain treatment. It is for life and living fully. I know what I need to add to our curriculum, spreading out the work not the person. For now, I’m thinking thin about pizza crust and body weight.