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Failing, falling, growing, and time travel

I hate to see my kids fail. I feel crushed, with my sails cut from the mast, flying away and leaving my ship to drift uselessly on whatever current it may find itself in. That was probably a run-on sentence. The important thing here is that all those feelings are mine. I have noticed over and over how my kids just get, dust off, and move on. What a great skill!

I’m not saying that they don’t learn from mistakes. My neurosis about falling behind drives the discussion of what didn’t work and why for longer than interest dictates. So I know they get what happened. They are forever willing to do the next great thing on their minds. Taking ideas of the last iteration and weaving them into the next. 

Each story they write is more complex. The characters have increased depth. The plot thickens in ways that never would occur to me. I become riveted to thoughts of going to other realms or times or celestial locations. Then out of nowhere they are done. The move on and make another newer version.

I am writing about this because I am the opposite. I am so enamored with what is in my hand leftover from yesterday, the last coolest line I wrote. I am so afraid about letting go of what I think is “good” to get to what is truly great. It could be writing a story, changing the garden, the time of day I get up. I hold on.

How did I stop? More importantly, how can I help my kids keep going or knowing that there is a time and place to fail or let go of something and a time to keep what was good and save that. I want them to have the rich mix of past, present, and future, rather than just past and present- like me.

Who am I kidding? I want to know that for myself. I want to see them and raise them to a behavior I can observe and adopt for myself. I want to know this before they are grown up the rest of the way and they move on. I want that carefree part of them to be a part of me. Then I will have that part of them forever and part of me for the future.