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A-G for you and me

A recent issue that came up in our household were the infamous A-G requirements. These are preparatory classes that a student takes in high school that are recognized by four year universities. A student must have so many units of math, English, science, foreign language, etc. to meet university acceptance requirements. These were always on the hazy out reaches of my brain. 

When I was in school, this didn’t come up. If it did, I never heard about it. When I went to the local junior college I heard about this and understood it to be the distinction between classes that transferred to universities and  classes that didn’t. It wasn’t a big deal. Now it is this huge looming spectre in the dark shadows of getting things done.

My husband and I saw these in two very different ways. I saw them as optional. These were things that could be handled later in junior college or maybe they didn’t need to happen at all. My husband saw these as essential. These must be met or the kids would most likely not go college at all. For my husband, this is not significant.

We took turns discussing this with our supervising teacher. She was full of suggestions. This muddied the water even more. What was the best option for the y guys? Should we push for A-G classes? Maybe they should take junior college classes until they make up the classes they missed? I want my kids to succeed but sometimes these added requirements seem like busy, money and time sink holes.

Then things calmed down. We’d talked about all sorts of ways to get this done. Things weren’t as heated or urgent. There was a light or two at the end of the tunnel, maybe there was even another tunnel too. The dust seemed to have settled and we had a working plan.  I went back to business as usual. 

Several days later my husband asked when the kids were going to take the classes that met this requirement. What?! In my mind, we had decided not to worry about it. We would do some junior college and get classes done that fit into out schedule.

My husband understood things to be different. More than different. More like the exact opposite. We went from letting things go on as they were to, cramming every darn class they could. Time to get back to the table and iron this flat out, really flat.

After a long and specific discussion, we came to an understanding. I almost made us both say it out loud to be sure we were thinking the same thing. It turns out that wasn’t needed. We are going to get done what we can now and do what we can later. Deep I know but getting us on the same page was essential to moving forward.

When it comes down to it, for homeschoolers, there are not hard and fast rules. Know that A-G requirements are out there and that someone may ask about them. The education system isn’t so fixed that you can’t do things the way that best fits your situation. Honor your learner and your self, do it your way!