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What you plan to learn and what you actually learn

There is a saying, I’m not sure by who, that goes something like this “Life is what happens when you make plans.” I think learning is the same way. We make schedules, evaluate curriculum, find classes, and so many other things. All the while, learning hasn’t stopped. This year is a perfect example.

My oldest is in high school. This is his first year and to fill some gaps where we didn’t have a subject matter expert (SME), we enrolled him in an online high school. We spent so much time focusing the content. Was he getting all the support he needed from his cyber teacher? Did all the links work? Was he online for enough time? In the end, we spent more time discussing pacing.

It turns out that the real lesson was making sure the work load was spread evenly over the entire semester. My son learned how much he could do in a day before he was overdone. He learned that sometimes nothing online works so you have to go back to the actual book and write things down, OH NO!

I learned that handing over responsibility for something doesn’t mean I’m not off the hook. This semester, the teacher graded things so slowly that often we had no idea what concepts needed more work and what were okay. We are still waiting for some scores to come back.

While I know some biology A and pre-algebra B made it in his brain, what my son really took away from the term is that doing what you can when you can makes a difference. I learned that too. What can I do to support him? What can I do to encourage him over time and not berating him when things fall behind? Once again, my son is the designated student but we all have access to the learning, and we didn’t even need to plan it.