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How did we choose our homeschool method?

I get this question often. I finally wrote an answer to someone and decided to share it here. It’s a very organic process of research, observation, change, experience, and mistakes. The answer here is a bit of an overview. The details are tedious and not as necessary as the general idea of the very dynamic […]

But my kid needs….

I was thinking about it the other day, thinking about when I tell people I let my kids lead the way. I wrote a post about following your learners interests, needs, and passions. People often say to me, “My kid needs more structure”  or “My kid needs a schedule.” That’s valuable need to know information! Take […]

The Kits and I

I have two sons. We started homeschooling them at the beginning. They are now 12 and 14. I call them kits because they love  cats and the Warriors book series. My name is Catherine and some call me Cat. I thought the whole idea was pretty clever. The kits are now in 7th and 9th grade. […]