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I’ve been thinking a lot about education, and learning. We, the royal we, say we want to children to have a good education. That isn’t the same as wanting children to be life long learners. It seems to me that education is about content, while learning is about skill and ability. This fits into the […]

Grass, green, paths less travelled

In her blog Just Enough and Nothing More, Tammy Takahashi discusses the question “Is homeschooling better than school?” You can read her post here. This is such a vital and topical issue and I think it is at the root of such red herrings as socialization and “real world” integration. I call these red herrings […]

The Best Way to Lead Learning is to Follow

I am a public school teacher. I teach adults that have not finished high school. I can also help students prep for the GED. In the public school system, I am used to meeting standards, and state testing requirements. For my own boys, I integrate as much as possible. People ask me why my boys are so smart or […]

Hello world! It’s CAT!

THis is my first blog on A2Z. I hope you all enjoy reading it. You can check out my other blogs and websites at: http://catbaaloo.com http://dyslexicat.catbaaloo.com http://cats9thlife.blogspot.com/