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What you plan to learn and what you actually learn

There is a saying, I’m not sure by who, that goes something like this “Life is what happens when you make plans.” I think learning is the same way. We make schedules, evaluate curriculum, find classes, and so many other things. All the while, learning hasn’t stopped. This year is a perfect example. My oldest […]

Software already loaded!

In talking with my mother this week, I had a thought about how we learn. My mother teaches art at a state university. We were talking about how learning is such a natural process. One of use had talked with someone who was concerned that they couldn’t get all the information thought to be essential […]

Grass, green, paths less travelled

In her blog Just Enough and Nothing More, Tammy Takahashi discusses the question “Is homeschooling better than school?” You can read her post here. This is such a vital and topical issue and I think it is at the root of such red herrings as socialization and “real world” integration. I call these red herrings […]

I love my teenage son, can I send him to military camp now?

I was never so happy as the day I found out I was pregnant. After a doctor told me that I may have difficulty getting pregnant and that I may never have kids at all, to find I was pregnant sent me to the clouds. A baby! A family! Fourteen years later I have a […]

And some days everything works just fine.

I’ve had difficulties getting online and logging on to the blog to post. I’ve gone over and over stuff. I couldn’t think of what I was doing wrong. Ironically, this wasn’t the only part of my life I was having trouble with. My kids were getting rebellious about getting things done. My eating was out […]

The Kits and I

I have two sons. We started homeschooling them at the beginning. They are now 12 and 14. I call them kits because they love¬†¬†cats and the Warriors book series. My name is Catherine and some call me Cat. I thought the whole idea was pretty clever. The kits are now in 7th and 9th grade. […]