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Software already loaded!

In talking with my mother this week, I had a thought about how we learn. My mother teaches art at a state university. We were talking about how learning is such a natural process. One of use had talked with someone who was concerned that they couldn’t get all the information thought to be essential […]

Video games foe, friend, breaker of the family bank!

Video games get a bad rap, can be all consuming, and expensive. My guys can so into a game ¬†they forget to eat or pee. At the same time, they stimulate so many ideas and cooperation. They work together to find solutions t beat the came. On the monetary front, every time a “new” version […]

“But how do you do it all alone?”

I hear that often when I talk to people who aren’t homeschoolers. They are so earnest and concerned. “How could you possibly do it all, all by yourself?” The answer is, I don’t. In truth, I don’t know anyone who does.¬† Today is a good place to start and a great example. I am laid […]

Teen, Spleen, Bo-Bean

Teens are hard and I’m hoping rewarding. No, I know they are. I have a 14 year old son. He is smart, funny, kind, clever, silly, and every now and then insufferable. My sweet birght eye baby is now a fuming, sulking, beligerant, young man. This has been the hardest year so far. It seems […]

Hello world! It’s CAT!

THis is my first blog on A2Z. I hope you all enjoy reading it. You can check out my other blogs and websites at: http://catbaaloo.com http://dyslexicat.catbaaloo.com http://cats9thlife.blogspot.com/