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The More Things Change

Hands off. That is what I get a lot now that I have a teen and a tween. It is so difficult to give that up. I remember them being little and needing me to be there to see them, help them, listen to them. Now they want me make the snacks and then go […]

I love my teenage son, can I send him to military camp now?

I was never so happy as the day I found out I was pregnant. After a doctor told me that I may have difficulty getting pregnant and that I may never have kids at all, to find I was pregnant sent me to the clouds. A baby! A family! Fourteen years later I have a […]

Teen, Spleen, Bo-Bean

Teens are hard and I’m hoping rewarding. No, I know they are. I have a 14 year old son. He is smart, funny, kind, clever, silly, and every now and then insufferable. My sweet birght eye baby is now a fuming, sulking, beligerant, young man. This has been the hardest year so far. It seems […]